Written Exams

The SPF Written Examinations cover critical areas of knowledge and skills that each candidate is required to demonstrate. The written examinations shall provide documented proof of the candidate’s knowledge to be able to complete the tasks within their specific level of certification.  All Written Exams are available in English. Currently the Assistant, Installer, and Master Installer level exams are also available in Spanish.
Written Exam Preparation
SPFA PCP Exam Preparatory Courses are designed to prepare you for the PCP Written Exam. The courses are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged. If you are taking a course, check with the course provider to see if they will provide you with a printed copy of the Study Guide on the day of the course which will serve as your course manual. If printed copy isn’t included, they should provide you with a digital copy. Each of the seven PCP Exam Prep Courses are available online and on demand. Contact certdirector@sprayfoam.org for details.

Self-Study is also acceptable for those who have SPF experience. For each certification level, a Study Guide has been developed to cover all of the learning objectives a contractor is expected to know for that specific level. Each level builds on the lower levels, so be sure to review the information in the level you are seeking as well as the lower levels. For example, a Master Installer combined exam is 3 parts and will cover the information in the Assistant, Installer and Master Installer Study Guides/Courses.

You may purchase the Study Guides from the SPFA Online Store. Note: Study Guides are FREE to SPFA members. Be sure to review the Study Guides prior to taking the exams. The Learning Objectives (LO) are defined to help identify important information in each section.

Other SPF industry training is available. This may or may not cover all of the Learning Objectives in the PCP. Check with the course provider on the content of the courses they teach.

Exam Questions Posed
The written examination shall be constructed in multiple-choice formats in order to maintain objectivity. Each question will have four choices in which one shall be true and three shall be completely false. Each question shall be related to the job task listing.
Written Exam Sample questions:
  1. Medium density spray polyurethane foam is a:
a. Rigid predominantly closed cell plastic material
b. Rigid predominantly open cell plastic material
c. Flexible predominantly closed cell plastic material
d. Flexible predominantly open cell plastic material
  1. For spray foams, maximum continuous service temperature should not exceed:
a.  66ºC (150ºF)
b.  82ºC (180ºF)
c. 180ºC (350ºF)
d.  99ºC (210ºF)
Answers: 1. (a); 2. (b)
The number of questions in each exam is listed below. Note: the SPF Assistant exam is the same exam for both Insulation and Roofing.
Insulation  Roofing Installer Supplier Rep Field Examiner
Assistant - 150 Assistant - 150 Insulation - 250 FE Exam - 150
Installer - 100 Installer - 150 Roofing - 250  
Master Installer - 150 Master Installer - 125 Both - 400  
Project Manager - 125 Project Manager - 125    
Time Allowed for an Exam
Two (2) hours will be allowed for each part of the written exams. Below is a chart with the number of hours for each exam.
Insulation and Roofing
(Combined Exam)
Field Examiner Supplier Representative
   Assistant - 2 hours FE Exam - 2 hours Insulation - 2 hours
   Installer - 4 hours   Roofing - 2 hours
   Master Installer - 6 hours   Both - 4 hours
   Project Manager - 8 hours    
Passing Grade
The passing grade is 75% for a single written exam. In order to pass the combined exam, you must pass each part. The final overall grade is not what determines pass/fail in the combined exam, it is the passing of each part with a minimum of 75%. If you fail the Combined Exam, you may retake just the section(s) you failed.
There is no limit to the number of times unsuccessful individuals may take the examination. Examination individuals will be charged the full examination fee for each examination session scheduled.
Exam Registration – Scheduling an Exam
Complete and submit the Enrollment Order Form (F-222-003) to sign up for an exam. SPFA PCP staff will follow up with you on details to schedule an exam.

Questions – contact admin@spfapcp.org or call 1-866-222-5000

Exam Registration – Scheduling a remote on-line Exam
  1. Call or email the SPFA PCP office at admin@spfapcp.org or 866-222-5000, and advise which exam(s) you’d like to take by completing the F-222-003 SPFA PCP Enrollment Order Form and providing payment for the exam(s) and online fee(s) you may wish to purchase. You must provide an email address that you have access to as you will need to create an account and re-set a password.
  2. Once your payment is processed, SPFA PCP will enroll you into the appropriate exam(s) in Smarter U and will email you the receipt as well as instructions for logging in to Integrity Advocate, please note there is no appointment needed and is available to take 24/7. (see sample email template an individual can expect to receive)
I have attached for your convenience the document containing the digital links for the free downloadable study guides to help you prepare for any online exams. When you are ready, there is no appointment to book – you simply follow the instructions below to log in and start the exam.
You have been enrolled for the exam(s):
This exam uses a proctoring service and will verify your identity by requesting government issued photo ID. The entire session will be video recorded and available for viewing by administration up to 2 years should there be a challenge to the exam session.

  1. If the web camera is covered, and cannot view the individual  
  2. If you leave the web camera area once the exam starts   
  3. If another person enters the web camera area  
  4. If you constantly look away from the web camera/monitor  
  5. If you talk to another person in the room  
  6. If the government issued photo ID does not match the screen shot of your face  
  7. If you stop sharing the full screen of your computer or have other tabs open  
To access this account, please follow these instructions:  
  1. Go to https://learn.sprayfoam.org
  2. Enter the email address used in this email as your username.
  3. Use the forgot password function to set your customized password for this online account.
NOTE: Use only internet browser(s): Safari or Google Chrome. (Example: The proctor system for the online exam will NOT launch if you use Explorer or Firefox).   
  1. To access your Smarter U account; follow the above instructions 1 to 3. Once in Smarter U, click on the ‘Enrolled’ category and choose the exam. Click ‘start.’
  2. You must engage your webcam as the exam is monitored biometrically and will collect information to verify your identity at the moment of login, and then remain active to demonstrate your compliance to communicated expectations (rules) throughout the duration of your session. 
  3. You will be required to take a screen shot of yourself as well as provide government-issued photo ID. Both times you will be required to be in front of the camera indicated within a green outline provided on the screen and instructed to ‘capture image.’ 
  4. You must allow full screen access and share your screen the entire recorded exam session. 
  5. Once you start the exam; there is a timer at the top of the screen and it will count down, letting you know the time remaining to complete the exam. A maximum of 2 hours is allocated to complete this exam. Once the timer hits zero, the exam will no longer be available to you.  
  6. Please note that you cannot have use of a smartphone or headphones. This is a closed book exam and no reference material allowed. You are allowed paper, calculator and a writing instrument. You cannot copy the questions on the exam by writing them down or taking screen shots.
  7. You must remain seated until the exam is completed, and no talking allowed if another person is in the room, or unusual looking away from the camera. 

NOTE: To complete the exam, 2 things are required at the end of answering the questions: 
  1. You MUST confirm you wish to submit your answers for grading (follow the prompts) and allow up to 24 hours for processing. This time length is to ensure the session is valid as the proctor service reviews your file. You may exit page and continuing using other tabs and return to the exam session later to check if processing is complete.
  2. You MUST confirm you wish to complete the course (follow the prompts) and will be advised of whether you passed or failed the exam and receive your grade. The minimum passing grade is 75%.
Please contact the SPFA office if you have any questions at: 1-866-222-5000.
Exam Day 
You must present a form of ID: with a photo and signature. This proof of identity must be government issued proof of identification.


In the United States, examples of acceptable forms of photo ID are:
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Military identification

Admitting the Candidates to the in-person Exam
Candidates should enter and leave the examination room through a single check- in point staffed by one or more examiners. Candidates will be required to present photo identification and their examination notice at the check-in table.
What to Bring
  • Valid ID (see details above)
  • Calculator (must be strictly a calculator not just a function on cell phone, tablet, etc. The calculator cannot have internet capabilities)
  • Pencils (#2 pencils which have been sharpened) (only required for paper exam)
  • Blank Scratch Paper
  • Laptop or tablet may be acceptable in some testing conditions where the exam administrator has approved use of personal computer or tablet.
Please put the calculator, pencils and blank scratch paper in clear plastic bag to show to Examination Administrator.
What NOT to Bring
 The following is a list of items you are not permitted to have during your examination:
  • Papers or books other than the materials listed above
  • Food, beverages, bags (including pocketbooks and purses) or electronic devices
  • Training organization manuals
  • Manufacturer instructions, guidelines and technical data sheets
  • Equipment manufacturer operating guidelines
  • Electronic devices (including, but not limited to: cell phone, smart phones, notebooks, electronic tablets, etc. The only permitted electronic device is a calculator, unless you have been notified that the use of personal computer or tablet is acceptable.)
Eating, drinking, and tobacco use are prohibited in the examination room. Unauthorized paper shall not be brought into or removed from the examination room. You may not leave the examination room without the examination administrator’s permission. You must present acceptable photo ID each time you enter the examination room.
Taking the Exam
You must remain in your seat during the examination except when authorized to leave by the examination administrator.
As you progress through the examination, answer every question presented even if you are unsure of your answer choices. You can mark these questions for later review and return to them to re-evaluate your response if time permits. All unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect when your time expires.
Reporting a Problem with Your Exam Experience
Raise your hand to notify the exam administrator if:
  • You need additional scratch paper or pencil
  • You need to take a break (examination time will NOT be suspended)
  • You need to leave the examination location for any other reason
In the event that you encounter negative conditions at the examination location such as bad lighting, excessive noise or uncomfortable temperature conditions we recommend that you immediately notify the examination administrator. In unlikely cases where such conditions may occur, it does not modify or change the required passing score.
After the Written Exam
If you complete the examination before the time limit has expired you may conclude your exam appointment and leave. 
Exam Fees
Exam fees cover the cost of exam coordination, staffing, exam development, review, production and scoring. Please refer to the Fees page for current examination fees. 

Remote Testing Fees
Please note that remote testing is available and this allows you to take the PCP Written Exams in the comfort of your home, office or wherever reliable internet is available. An additional fee for the remote proctoring service will apply. The remote proctor fee is based on number of consecutive exams taken. For example, if you are taking the 3 part Master Installer Written exams (total 6 hours) but want to take parts 1&2 at the same time and take part 3 on the following day, the remote proctor fee will be priced accordingly.


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