Supplier Rep Certification

Supplier Representative certifications have set the standard for SPF Supplier and Distributor Representatives including sales, technicians and support. Organizations recommend and specify the PCP Supplier Representative Certification because its comprehensive test method validates an individual's entire body of knowledge in the SPF Industry.

This certification is specifically designed for individuals involved in the supply and distribution of SPF or other related materials in the thermal insulation and/or roofing installations. The Supplier Representative is the person who is on the front lines fulfilling the Supplier’s responsibilities in the areas of product safety and stewardship. These can include, but not be limited to:
  • Organize, communicate, receive and evaluate product safety and stewardship information with customers, contractors and others in the value chain to reduce and manage risk.
  • If an inconsistency in the above practices for accountability, communication or product safety/stewardship are discovered, corrective measures should be taken based on Supplier’s independent judgement, ranging from resolving the improper practices up to possible termination of business relationships, if necessary.
Who Should Apply?
Individuals who have direct advisory contact with a contractor, or distributor (as applicable if the supplier only sells through distribution), and perform services such as offering technical advice and support to the SPF contractor, or distributor, with regard to material use and application, equipment and related criteria. These individuals may include sales representative, technical representative, third party representative or appropriate staff as determined by the supplier. These individuals have the knowledge to work with the Assistant, Installer, Master Installer and Project Manager PCP certified individuals and they must demonstrate this knowledge in a written exam.
Steps to Certification
Step 1 – Complete and submit documentation
  • Enroll in the program
  • Sign Agreement
Step 2 – Certification Exam
  • Certification Supplier Representative Written Exam administered in person
  • Certification Supplier Representative Written Exam administered remotely (in your home, office or anywhere with internet) through ProctorU
Supplier Representative Written Exam
The Certified Supplier Representative will be required to demonstrate, by written examination, proficiency in the same knowledge areas as the Assistant, Installer, Master Installer, and Project Manager Level SPF Contractor. As a point of reference, here is what the contractor is expected to know at each level, so if the Certified Supplier Representative is advising the Contractor, his knowledge base should meet or exceed that of the Contractor at each of these levels.
Knowledge Areas Covered for Insulation Supplier Representative
 Assistant (Common to both Insulation and Roofing)
  • SPF Product Knowledge               
  • Chemical Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety – General
  • Jobsite Safety
Insulation Installer
  • Pre-Job Planning
  • Jobsite Set-Up Procedures
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Start-Up Procedures
  • Installation Methodology
  • Shut Down
Insulation Master Installer
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Inspection of SPF Building Envelope (BE) Systems
  • Thermal and Ignition Barrier Requirements
  • Sealant Foams – One and Two Component
  • Hybrid Insulation Systems
  • SPF Equipment/Components, Function & Operations
  • Coating Equipment (Components, Operations, Trouble Shooting)
 Insulation Project Manager
  • SPF Estimating Guidelines for Materials Usage
  • Building Science Basics and HAM
  • Building Envelope Design
  • Understanding HVAC & Mechanical Systems
  • Codes & Standards
  • Material Design & Selection
Knowledge Areas Covered for Roofing Supplier Representative
Assistant (Common to both Insulation and Roofing)
  • SPF Product Knowledge               
  • Chemical Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety – General
  • Jobsite Safety
Roofing Installer
  • Jobsite Set-Up Procedures
  • Substrate Prep
  • Start-Up Procedures
  • Foam Installation Methodology
  • Shut Down Procedures (Short Term/End of Day)
  • Coating Chemistry & Installation Methodology
  • Shut Down Procedures (End of Job)
 Roofing Master Installer
  • Pre-Job Planning
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Inspection of SPF Roofing Systems
  • Maintenance and Renewal
  • SPF Equipment/Components, Functions and Operations
  • Coating Equipment (Components, Operations and Troubleshooting)

Roofing Project Manager

  • SPF Estimating Guidelines for Materials Usage
  • Testing, Standards and Building Codes
  • Material Design Consideration and Selections
  • Roofing Fundamentals
 There are two ways to meet the Written Examination Requirement.
  • Single Written Examination for either
    • Supplier Representative Insulation (only)
    • Supplier Representative Roofing (only)
  • Combined Written Examination for both
    • Supplier Representative Roofing and Insulation

Ways to Prepare for Exams
  • Exam Prep Courses – They are offered in the following ways:
    • Online through SPFA – available on-demand
    • In person through SPFA at our annual convention (next one scheduled for Feb 2022)
    • In person through suppliers (check calendar of events online for upcoming sessions)
  • Self-Study – SPFA PCP Exam Prep Study Guides are available from the SPFA Online Store
Maintaining Certification
  • Renew certifications annually (based on calendar year)
  • Recertify your credentials every 7 years
    • Complete renewal/recertification application
    • Proof of CEU required with re-certification (7 years)
      • 25 CEU required for Installer



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