SPF Industry Trade Associations: A Brief History and Past Presidents

Spray Foam Professional Magazine published a 2-part article in their Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 editions that captures the history of SPFA since 1974. You can find it HERE

The following has been created to illustrate the chronological order of the spray polyurethane spray foam industry growth and to provide a background on the associations and to list their presidents. Many people had made great investments to our industries growth and they are most appreciated but to numerous to mention for this purpose. We have gotten to where we are today because of all these individual’s contributions.

Many thanks to Jim Andersen for putting together this brief history of the organization!


Urethane Foam Contractors Association (UFCA)

Formed in 1973- Ended in 1986
Director: Skip Lowe 1973-1986

The UFCA was formed and organized in Ohio by a group of spray foam contractors. The pioneering of the spray polyurethane industry had started in the 1960’s and was starting to branch out with new equipment designed specifically for processing spray foam liquid compounds. Local geographic groups started in some states and the need for a nationwide trade association was explored. The UFCA was the result and the following list is what we believe was the order of the Presidents who served that organization. It ended in 1986 for several reasons, but basically relating to financial issues. The organization into the PFCD was started in 1986. Urethane Foam Exposition (UFEX) national meeting 1-10 was held.
  • Bill O’Connell, General Supply Corp. (TX)                            1973-1974      
  • Ray Clausen                                                                          1974-1975
  • Keith Coultrap, SR                                                                 1975-1976
  • George Sievert, Industrial Coatings (MN)                              1976-1978
  • Bob Dwyer                                                                             1978-1980 
  • Ron King, ANCO Insulation (TX)                                           1980-1982
  • Don Partyka                                                                           1982-1984
  • Hubert Coon                                                                          1984-1986                                


The Society for Plastic Industries (SPI)
Polyurethane Foam Contractors Division (PFCD)
and later renamed
Spray Foam Contractors Division (SFCD)
Formed in 1986 and ended in 1999
DIrectors: George Sievert 1986-1998 (ret), Dan Benedict 1999-1999

The creation of the PFCD was accomplished by several peoples work, but George and Sandra Sievert were instrumental in getting it sold and accepted to the Society of Plastics Industries (SPI). The raw material manufacturers were organized under the SPI and it seemed like the logical place for the growing spray foam business to become part of. SPI was headquartered in Washington, D.C. and was a group which promoted safe uses for their members. They also served as the spokes person for the plastic industries and had organized it into groups. Promotion and marketing efforts were inline with the SPF industry objectives.
Past presidents of the PFCD include:
  • Buddy Cockrell, RPC Industries, Inc. (VA)                          1986-1987           
  • Irv Stumler, Insulated Roofing Contractors (KY)                 1987-1990
  • Clem Sherek,  (TX)                                                             1990-1991
  • Bob Buzzard, (NM)                                                             1991-1993
  • Bill Shepherd,  Spray Foam of Indiana (IN)                        1993-1994
  • Ed Lundin, Lundin Roofing Company, Inc  (LA)                  1994-1996
  • Ed Lundin, Lundin Roofing Company, Inc  (LA)                  1996-1998
  • John Nolan, Central Coatings (CA)                                     1998-2000                                                                                                                                                                    

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)
a Business Unit of the American Plastics Council (APC)

Formed in 1999 and ended in 2003
Directors: Dan Benedict 1999-2003 (ret), Mason Knowles 2003                             

It became apparent to the SPF industry leadership team for PFCD that increasing burden costs assessed to the polyurethane foam contractor’s division became greater and greater each year and that dues collected could no longer sustain our position with SPI.  Close coordination with the Center for the Polyurethane Industry (raw material suppliers, formulators, and others) and the PFCD management acted to leave the SPI and joining the American Plastics Council (APC) in 1999. It was organized as the CPI and SPFD would each join and function as separate divisions. This would provide a more sustainable position for all. In 2001 the American Plastics Council became the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The decision was made to leave the ACC in 2003 and pursue education programs and other SPF advocacy goals. 
Past presidents of the SPFD include:
  • Bob Henderson, Henderson-Johnson (NY)                          2000-2002  
  • Mel Stumler, Insulated Roofing Contractors (KY)                 2002-2004                                                                                                                                                                              

                       2003-2020                                                                             2020-Present

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)
Formed in 2003-current
Directors: Mason Knowles 2003-2007 (ret), Kurt Riesenberg 2007-2020, Rick Duncan 2020-2024 (ret), Frank Mortl III, CAE 2024-Present

The SPF industry continued to grow and participation by more people into the trade association brought about changes. The SPF industry leadership had determined that it was now stable enough to stand alone to continue to represent the spray foam industry. A move out of the high-priced Washington, D.C. area to less expensive suburbs along with other cost saving plans were implemented.  The SPFA continues to grow and is the voice for the spray foam industry members.
Presidents of the SPFA include:
  • Ed Lundin, Lundin Roofing Company, Inc. (LA)                     2004-2006    
  • Brad Houlden, Houlden Contracting (NE)                              2006-2008    
  • Sean Stumler, Insulated Roofing Contractors, Inc. (IN)         2008-2010
  • Sig Hall, Western Pacific Roofing Co., Inc.  (CA)                   2010-2012
  • Bob Duke, Applied Energy Savings Systems (SC)                2012-2014 
  • Denny Vandewater,  Sadler Coatings Systems (IA)               2014-2016         
  • John Achille, Coastal Insulation (NJ)                                     2016-2018  
  • Tiffiny Flaim, Biofoam (IL)                                                      2018-2020
  • Bryan Heldreth, RPC/Jackcrete (VA)                                     2020-2022
  • Bonnie Strickler, Puff Inc. (VA)                                               2022-2024     




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