SPFA Collaborations

SPFA coordinates with other trade associations to influence legistlation anr regulations that mutially impact our respective industries.  Below are some recent collaborative campaigns with other associations:

Working with other roofing industry trade associations, the SPFA has co-signed August 24th, 2021 letters to key members of the U.S. House and Senate in support of  minor changes to 179D tax deductions for existing buildings.

The SPFA, along with ten other associations representing the greater roof industry, sent this August 6 letter to Senators Schumer and McConnell in support of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act being considered by the Senate and urge its final passage. 

SPFA joins with more than 1,000 energy efficiency services contractors and suppliers in a July 26, 2021 letter sent to US Senators Wyden and Crapo and US Representatives Neal and Brady in support of expansion of the Internal Revenue Code Section 25C Tax Incentive for Homeowner Energy Efficiency Improvements.. 

SPFA and nine other insulation trade associations sent a July 1, 2021 letter to Senators Manchin and Murkowski in support of thier S2066 the INSULATE Buildings Act and stronger polticies for energy code adoption.

SPFA co-signs letter dated June 24, 2021 to HUD and USDA today by 18 organizations asking that they comply with existing statute and the President’s Executive Order on climate risk and update the energy code requirements for the new home mortgage products.  

SPFA joins more than 120 other business assocations to oppose any reductions or repeal of the 20-percent deduction for qualified business income under Section 199A of the Tax CodeA June 21, 2021 letter detailing this opposition was sent to leaders of the US Senate Finance Committee and the US House Ways and Means Committee. 

​SPFA Supports Reduction of 'Death Tax' Liabilities for Family-Owned Businesses
SPFA joined with 160 trade assocations as part of the Family Business Estate Tax Coalition (FBETC) in a May 24, 2021 letter to Congressional Leaders to support continuation of stepped-up basis, which reduces federal capital gains tazes when an asset, such as a family-owned business, transfers ownership upon the death of a business owner. 

SPFA Co-Signs Letter to White House National Climate Advisor Encourage Enforcement of Energy Codes
SPFA joins with 19 other associations to co-sign an April 28, 2021 letter to Gina McCarthy, National Climate Advisor to President Biden, to promote adherance to current energy codes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.    

SPFA Co-Signs Letter to Encourage Adoption of the 2021 IECC in Wisconsin
SPFA joins with 10 other associations to co-sign an April 19, 2021 letter to Wisconsin's Secretary of Safety and Professional Services to encourage the state to adopt the more stringent 2021 International Energy Conservation Code.

​SPFA Co-Signs Letter to Encourage Adoption of the 2021 IECC in lllinois
SPFA joins with 13 other associations to co-sign an April 8, 2021 letter to Illinois Governor's Office to encourage the state to adopt the more stringent 2021 International Energy Conservation Code.

SPFA Co-Signs Letter to Congress Supporting 25C Revisions
SPFA joins with 13 other associations to co-sign a March 29, 2021  letter to select members of the US Congress in support for modernizing the Internal Revenue Code Section 25C tax incentive for homeowner energy efficiency improvements and to outline our priorities for doing so in a way that decarbonizes our nation’s residential building stock, puts money in the pocket of homeowners
through lower utility bills, and creates American jobs.

2021 Roofing Day in DC
SPFA has joined forces with NRCA and ­­36 other roofing trade associations to sponsor 2021 Roofing Day in DC (March 23-24)  While traditionally an in-person event in Washington, DC, this year’s activities consist of a series of virtual meetings with each participant’s Congressional representatives.  The agenda for this joint advocacy effort covers three key issues.  If you work in the roofing industry, you should be there!  Any SPFA-member can be a participant, but you must register by March 16th.   Registration is only $59 for company representatives and $25 for field workers and students.   Please check this out in the SPFA Calendar of Events.

2021 Architectural Plastics Conference
SPFA provided a printed 2-page handout on new blowing agent regulations and information from our recent EPDs to more than 200 attendees of the 2021 Architectural Plastics and Polymer Composites in the 21st Century Conference on March 20-22, 2021 in Cambridge, MA

SPFA Submits Comments on the EPA's new Indoor airPLUS (version 2) program
Working with the ACC's Spray Foam Coalition, the SPFA submitted this March 17, 2021 letter with extensive comments focused on Section 3: Pest Barriers, addressing the importance of insulating and air-sealing the foundation-framing interface with SPF while providing means pest management professionals to detect, treat and prevent damage from subterranean termites.   

SPFA co-signs Letter Regarding TSCA to New EPA Administrator Regan
As part of the American Alliance for Innovation (AAI), SPFA joins with 67 other trade associations to co-sign a March 11, 2021 letter to the new EPA Administrator Michael Regan requesting cooperation with implementation of the 2016 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

2021 RESNET Conference
SPFA exhibited at the 2021 RESNET Conference from February 22-24.  This conference was the first virtual conference for RESNET.  SPFA staff was available to answer any and all attendee questions about how SPF insulation and roofing systems.   You can view the SPFA virtual booth HERE.  


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