Officers & Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a special body within the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance devoted to the best interest, development and growth of spray-applied and related applications of spray polyurethane foam. The Board responsibilities include:

  • Promote unity within all segments of the spray polyurethane foam industry for the common goal of industry promotion and success.
  • Develop and promote standards of quality and safety in the use of spray-applied and related polyurethane products, consistent with the needs of the industry and in cooperation with recognized standards-making bodies.
  • Advance lawful and fair trade practices and trade promotion activities, including but not limited to advertising and publicity.
  • Engage in any lawful activities that will advance the interest of the spray polyurethane foam industry and inform the public of its scope and character.

The Board of Directors has two parts: the Board of Directors Officers (Executive Committee) and the Board of Director Representatives. Board of Director Representatives are elected by the SPFA membership every two years. Ad-Hoc Board of Director Representatives are appointed by the SPFA President. 

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Current Board of Directors Officers (Executive Committee)


    Bonnie Strickler – President, Puff, Inc. (VA)

Vice President

   Ken Wells
 – Owner, Elite PolyPro LLC (VA)


    Richard Spiess
 – President, Innovative Insulation Solutions (IL)

Immediate Past President (non-voting)

    Bryan Heldreth
 – President, RPC Industries (VA)


Board of Directors - Contractor Members

Voting Members

    Bob Dyer – President, Dyer Insulations, LLC (NJ)

   Bart Bonanno – Owner FoamTech Insulation, Inc. (VA)

    Jack Moore – President, JAG Lifting Systems (OH)

    Corey Poepping – President, Tri-County Foam Insulation (MN)

    Ron Winkle – CEO, Roof Asset Management (CA)

Ad-Hoc (non-voting) Members

    Dan Dorneanu – Owner-Operator, Palmetto Spray Foam (SC)

    Adam Kline – Sr. Manager, Supply Chain (TopBuild Corp.) (FL)

    Bob Lepage – Owner, Ex-E1 Sustainable Building Systems (NM)

Board of Directors - Non-Contractor Members

Voting Members

     Mary Bogdan – Senior Scientist, Honeywell (NY)

    Terrie Downing – Sales and Tech Support, Quadrant Performance Materials (TX)

    Doug Kramer – President, Kramer Consulting (TX)

    Robert Naini – General Manager and Owner, Spray Foam Advisor (FL)

   Todd Wishneski – Dir. of Product Development, NCFI Polyurethanes (NC)

Ad-Hoc (non-voting) Members

    Simon Baker – President, Huntsman Building Solutions (TX)

    Ben Brown – Founder and CEO, Natural Polymers LLC (IL) 

    Chris Janzen – Head of Tech Svcs & QATP, SPF, PM North America, BASF (TX)
Frank Mortl III – Executive Director, Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (VA)

    Bruce Schenke – President, Weathering Systems Services (GA)

    Rusty Schrader – Technical Services Mgr., General Coatings- Universal
                                                       Polymers Corp (CA)



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