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With premium performance comes a premium cost. SPF can be slightly higher in cost than competing inferior insulation and roofing technologies, but your investment is quickly recovered through improved energy cost-savings. To further reduce investment cost,  federal, state or municipal utilities or efficiency organizations may offer a tax incentive or other credit for efficiency improvements. Consider the information from these sources and how they may apply to reduce the cost of your project:

Industry Promotion & Outreach

Industry promotion and outreach take many forms at SPFA. From SPFA’s central position we can take your construction questions, interests, challenges and opportunities and turn them into solutions. SPFA is always open to dialogue with industry trade groups, organizations or companies in the construction field with a focus upon delivering consistent, high performing solutions.

SPFA offers information on the energy and environmental benefits of SPF, health and safety of workers, important industry research findings, best practices and appeal of SPF. SPFA provides important industry information to a variety of audiences through our partnerships with builders, architects, general contractors, customers, manufacturer and trade organizations, state and federal audiences. We do this in-person, on webinars, through our industry trade publication Sprayfoam Professional Magazine, through our annual national convention and through our members.

  • SPFA’s trade publication Sprayfoam Professional
  • SPFA’s Annual Sprayfoam Show information, including presentations from previous conventions.
  • SPFA's National Industry Excellence Awards winners likely resemble your project
  • If you are a construction industry professional and wish to have SPFA deliver (in-person or webinar) one of its AIA-backed presentations to your firm, please contact us. The presentations consist of Introduction to Spray Polyurethane Foam, and another entitled Decoding Thermal and Ignition Barriers. AIA-credits available.

Additional Resources for the Construction Professional

In the event you still have a specific question, after reviewing the information here and consulting with your SPF professional, please submit that question to SPFA Technical Services.


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