1. Where can I find the documents to complete each Certification level?

Click on your level below:


  1. Assistant Certification
  2. Installer Certification
  3. Master Installer Certification
  4. Project Manger Certification
  1. Assistant Certification
  2. Installer Certification
  3. Master Installer Certification
  4. Project Manger Certification
Field Examiner Certification

Supplier Representativative Certification

2. Where can I find the documents to complete Company Accreditation ?  
Click on your company type below:
  1. SPFA PCP Contractor Company Accreditation
  2. SPFA PCP Supplier Company Accreditation

3. How do I get signed up to take the Written Examination or Field Examination?
For the most up to date information on registration/scheduling requirements, dates, locations and fees contact SPFA PCP at 1-866-222-5000.

4. Where can I take the Written Examination? 
Examinations are administered frequently across the nation. To get current locations call 1-866-222-5000. Online solutions are available at approved facilities.

5. Can I get my results over the phone? 
No, Examination results are confidential and will only be provided in writing.

6. When will I receive my examination results? 
Results for examinations will be mailed within three weeks after the examination date.

7. Is training required before taking examination? 
No, there is not a requirement to take any specific courses or meeting any requirement on instructional hours; however, the candidate has a much better chance of passing the Certification Examinations if training classes are taken.

8. Does SPFA PCP offer courses to prepare for examinations? 
Yes, training will be available through a variety of sources such as product manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, trade associations (including SPFA) and various private learning institutions.

9. How often can I take the written examination? 
You may take the written examination as many times as needed until you pass the examination.

10. Is there a fee for re-taking an exam? 
Yes, the examination fee must be paid each time an examination is administered.

11. Can I reschedule or cancel my examination? 
Yes, but you must notify SPFA PCP at least 2 days before the examination for which you have registered.

12. Can I get a copy of my results mailed to me? 
Yes, your examination results will be mailed to you.

13. Are the examinations open book? 
No, you are not allowed any study or reference materials. You may bring with you a calculator, writing utensils, etc.

14. How long are the written examinations? 
The length of time is 2 hours maximum.

15. What type of format will the examination questions be in? 
Exam questions are in four-option, multiple-choice, with one answer on each question scored as correct.

16. Should I guess if I don’t know the answer to a question? 
There is no guessing penalty, so answer every question.

17. What is considered a passing score? 
The passing mark for the written and Field Examinations is 75%.

18. What language is the examination available in? 
ALL SPFA PCP exams are available only in English at the present time                                               


1. What do I do if I think I should be certified, but my employer doesn’t consider me to have enough contact with contractors to allow me to pursue my certification?
Individuals can obtain this certification on their own. In this scenario, we presume the individual would be paying for the certification and submitting paperwork and taking the exam(s).
2. What happens if I am certified with one Supplier and then leave their employment to join another Supplier, does my certification carry over?
Yes, an individual is certified and is carried by the individual, regardless of their employer as long as the individual remains in good standing with the SPFA PCP. 

3. Do I need to take 2 different exams if I want to be a Certified Supplier Representative for Roofing and for Insulation?
No, there is a written examination available for those wanting to become Certified Supplier Representative in both Roofing and Insulation.


1. Why should my company become an SPFA PCP Accredited Contractor Company?  What is the benefit?
The benefit of becoming an Accredited Contractor Company shows your customers and prospects that you have a commitment to working in compliance with stringent health and safety guidelines, best practices application procedures with SPFA PCP Certified professionals. It also shows your personnel and competition that you have raised the bar
2. How does my company become an SPFA PCP Accredited Contractor Company?
The first step is to review the checklist and identify which criteria your company has already met and then make a plan to complete the other items on the checklist.
3. I’ve looked at the checklist, but I don’t understand some items?
Call 1-866-222-5000 and the SPFA PCP staff can answer your questions.
4. If only one of my employees has met the criteria and everyone else is working toward their certifications, should we submit our application?
It is best to submit a fully completed application with all of the appropriate documentation. Partial submissions will not be considered.
5. f my company’s application is declined, will we be notified of the reason?
Yes, SPFA PCP will provide you with these details so that you can make corrections or submit necessary documentation to be reconsidered.
6. How long is a Contractor Company Accreditation good for?
The Accreditation must be renewed on an annual basis; however, as long as your company maintains in good standing with the SPFA PCP, the Accreditation will remain active indefinitely.
 7. How does a contractor company remain in good standing with the SPFA PCP?
A company remains in good standing as long as they comply with the criteria set forth in the Accredited Company Contractor CSC Handbook.
8. What documentation does SPFA provide verifying my company’s accreditation status?
SPFA will provide a letter verifying that your company has been Accredited.  We will also provide the template that you may use to create a banner, signage, stationery or other marketing collateral using the SPFA PCP logo and Accreditation mark. The conditions for use are defined in the SPFA PCP Accreditation Agreement.
9. Is there a fee for becoming Accredited?
Yes, there is a fee. See the Contractor Company Accredited Cost and Fees form for current pricing.
10. If one of my employees does not pass the exam(s) necessary to become certified, but everyone else has, will this hold up my company’s accreditation?
It depends on whether you have met the “Personnel Requirements” with the number of SPFA PCP Certified professionals you have on staff. If your company has already met the minimum requirement, based on the staff who are now certified, then it will not hold up your Accreditation. However, if you need one more certified individual at a certain level, but that person is having trouble on the exam, then your Accreditation cannot be issued until you meet the appropriate personnel requirement.
11. If one of my employees who is certified leaves my employment, will my company lose its accreditation status?
No, as long as you get someone else certified within the timeline outlined in the SPFA PCP Accredited Company Contractor Handbook.
12. Do all of my personnel need to be Certified?
No, the number of required certified personnel is described in the SPFA PCP Accredited Company Contractor Handbook.
13. Does SPFA need to tour my company’s facilities before issuing accreditation?
No, SPFA will not be conducting inspections of contractor company facilities.
14. We just received an RFP that requires the contractor to be SPFA PCP Accredited. How quickly can this be done?
It all depends on which of the criteria has already been achieved, what still needs to be done and the level of experience of both the staff who will be “Qualifying Individuals” and your company. We recommend having the appropriate staff attain their certifications as soon as possible so you aren’t in this position.
15. Some of my employees understand spoken English, but can only read Spanish. When will the written exams be available in Spanish?
The Assistant, Insulation Installer and Roofing Installer Written Exams are now available in Spanish.


1.  Who decides which employees, or contract personnel, of a Supplier need to become certified?
The Supplier Company determines which of its employees, or contract personnel, meet the description of a Supplier Representative. These are the people who need to become certified.
2. Who verifies whether an employee should be defined as a Supplier Representative or not?
The Supplier Company makes this determination. The definition of a Supplier Representative, listed here, is the criteria that is used.
3. What is a Supplier Representative
Supplier Representative is defined as an individual who has direct advisory contact with contractor or distributor (as applicable, if the supplier only sells through distribution) with regard to SPF related materials, equipment or services, etc. These individuals may include sales representative, technical representative or appropriate staff as determined by the supplier.


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