Program Background

SPFA developed its Professional Certification Program (PCP) in 2012.  It was created to increase the quality of installations.  SPFA and industry leaders came together in the Best Practices Risk Management Working Group and recommended the development of a certification program developed by the industry, for the industry.

The SPFA PCP is the only one of its kind for the professional SPF industry.  It is the first in the US which is ISO 17024 compliant, standards driven and internationally recognized. The program is an enormous accomplishment that brings rigorousness, credibility and comprehensiveness in industry consensus-developed environment, and the result of almost two years of preparation.              

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          <<< The importance of SPFA-PCP

Certification Delivers
  • An affordable and consistent path to professionalism for the industry
  • Implementation of the industry’s best practices
  • Consistent installation resulting in high performance of SPF
  • A way to differentiate between SPF installers
  • Consumer confidence

PCP Benefits
  • Being certified recognizes an individual’s achievement in demonstrating the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job right, with criteria established by the industry.
  • The SPFA PCP Accredited Company benefits because they have the credentials which show their professionalism by investing in certified individuals and demonstrating they follow the best practices in the industry with a code of conduct, safety training and professional business practices.
  • The SPF industry benefits from having an internationally recognized, third party verifiable, industry wide and standard driven certification program.
  • The consumer benefits from the confidence of knowing that SPFA PCP Accredited Companies and Certified Individuals have demonstrated competency in getting the job done right.
  • The SPF value chain benefits from higher quality individuals and companies committed to best practices.

  • To provide an established set of criteria through which individuals can demonstrate their commitment to the spray foam industry.
  • To identify and recognize those individuals who, by completing the applicable requirements of examination experience, have met a high standard of professionalism.
  • To encourage individuals and companies to support the professional development and improvement of the industry by following an agreed upon set of best practices and responsible actions.

Value of PCP
     Health and Safety
  • The SPFA PCP highlights essential concepts of chemical and jobsite health and safety.
  • Following the industry’s best health and safety practices for the benefit of the worker, customer and environment.  
     Product Performance
  • PCP Certified Individuals know how to install SPF properly to maximize the product performance.
  • Product performance is maximized when installed properly resulting in a safe, eco-friendly and efficient building.
  • PCP Certified Individuals know how to install SPF properly utilizing the best practices.
  • Properly installed SPF results in high performance structures.   
      Customer Confidence
  • Customer confidence is paramount to the success of SPF industry.
  • Customers can depend on consistency and reliability demonstrated by the certified installer.

More than just certification

The PCP has expanded its focus by offering Company Accreditation for Contractors and Suppliers. Company Accreditation is an industry-driven and industry designed  accreditation program whose purpose is to lift the quality and reputation of contractors, suppliers and the entire industry. An SPFA PCP Accredited Contractor Company has met all of the requirements of the PCP Certification scheme.  By doing so, an Accredited Company made a commitment to work in compliance with stringent health and safety guidelines and best practices application procedures with requisite staff who are PCP Certified professionals.


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