Success Stories

Perhaps the best way to understand the benefits of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) in building applications is to look at real-world success stories. As the cases below demonstrate, architects, builders, contractors, homeowners, building owners, and building occupants benefit from the high insulation value, durability, and cost effectiveness of SPF.

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Persistence Pays off for Historic Apartments
: The Neal Terrace and Boulevard Terrace apartments, both located on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, have a rich history in providing housing in a city that was quickly growing in the early 20th century. Fast-forward 100 years when West Development Group/West Roofing started renovation discussions with the owner in 2006. Originally built during a population boom, the now affordable-housing buildings had deteriorated substantially. A major overhaul of the entire property was needed. The owner sifted through several architects and general contractors, as well as various product solutions for his buildings, considering plans and funding options, for six years. By the time West received the contract, the roof had deteriorated even more leading to a change in scope from re-roofing to a tear-off and new roof. (Full Story)


Seven Days in the Desert: 
Santa Fe, the capitol city of New Mexico, is a very unique place with elevations around 7,200 feet (for reference, the highest elevation in Virginia is 5,700 feet in the Shenandoah Mountain Range). It is a particularly dry, arid environment that spawned the pueblo-style adobe-constructed house hundreds of years ago. Since then, places like Santa Fe have valued the durability and old-world look of adobe homes as part of its heritage. Fast forward centuries to 2013 and homes in Santa Fe get to keep their look and charm, but benefit from today’s high performance materials and building techniques thanks to sprayfoam. (Full Story)

Complex Project on Residence Shaped Like Stack of Books Looks to SPF as Solution: 
"Being inside the newly constructed and framed house felt a little bit like being in a fun-house," said David James, President of Insulate SB. Exterior walls in this 7,000-square-foot home were spaced strangely and there wasn't a straight, vertical window in the place. That's what you get when you build a home that looks like books stacked on a table. (Full Story)


SPF Helps New Jersey Housing Complex Reach LEED Platinum: 
September 2011, in response to President Obama’s call to end homelessness, HELP USA broke ground on the Clinton Avenue Urban Renewal Project in Newark, N.J. The project, in partnership with the Make It Right Foundation, was designed to provide 56 rental apartment units to low-income and veteran families in an area known since the 1970s for its dynamic and progressive approach to community and identity. Designed for LEED Gold, the property excelled at reaching for all sustainable and green technologies available and achieved a certified LEED Platinum status with the help of sprayfoam. (Full Story)

SPF Insulation Reduces Homeowners’ Energy Consumption: When John and Anne Bowling retired to the Roanoke, Virginia, area in 1997, they specified SPF insulation for their new, 2,240 SF ranch-style home. The Bowlings heated their home with liquid propane gas, and between August 2000 and July 2001, the propane company delivered 321 gallons of propane. Over the same period, ten similar homes in the area received an average of 769 gallons of propane. In other words, the Bowlings are using 58% less fuel than their neighbors. (Full Story)



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