Member Types

SPFA has several member types which fall into one of two Classes: Organizational and Individual.   

  • Organizational membership types include Contractor, Supplier, Consultant and Other. 
  • Individual memberships include Applicator (new); other individual member types may be added soon.   
Each member type is entitled to different Member Benefits.   

1. Contractor

Any business entity engaged in the application of spray polyurethane foam, coatings and related products. Contractors provide services including installation of SPF insulation, roofing systems, or specialty applications (e.g., geotechnical).  

2. Contractor Affiliates
Any contractor as defined above that is part of a larger contractor network.

3. Supplier (multiple types only for the SPFA Online Member Directory)
  • Chemical Supplier – Any business entity supplying resin and other chemical products to manufacturers of spray polyurethane foam and coating systems.
  • Foam/Coating Manufacturer – Any business entity formulating  polyurethane foam or coating systems.
  • Material Supplier Any business entity involved providing materials, other than foam or coatings systems, to any Distributor or Contractor engaged in the spray polyurethane foam business.
  • Equipment Manufacturer – Any business entity involved in the manufacture or supply of equipment used in the spray polyurethane foam industry to any Distributor or Contractor engaged in the spray polyurethane foam business.
  • Distributor – Any business entity involved in the warehousing of materials and equipment used in the application of spray polyurethane foam systems for direct sale to any person or Contractor engaged in the spray polyurethane foam business.
  • Business Services - Any business entity involved in other services such as software, insurance, human resources, etc. to the construction industry.
4. Consultant
Any entity that does not qualify as a Contractor or Supplier and devotes a part of its efforts to the spray polyurethane foam industry, or which renders professional services to the industry.

5. Industry Partners
These organizations include media and other affiliated trade associations.

1. Applicator 
Any individual shall be eligible for Applicator Membership in the Alliance provided this person is actively involved in the installation of SPF or related materials and is not an owner or officer in the company for which they work.


SPFA Membership entitles certain member benefits according to member category and type. The chart below outlines the benefits entitled for each member type. If you have specific questions, please contact SPFA at




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