Maintaining Certification

PCP Certification about to expire?
To maintain certification, an individual must do the following:

  1. Renew certification annually. All certifications expire on December 31 each year.
  2. Re-certify your credentials every 7 years

Renew Your Certification
Renewing your hard-earned credentials is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. By renewing, you will avoid reinstatement fees or possible suspension of your certification. Certifications are eligible for renewal beginning 60 days prior to the expiration date. When you receive our renewal information and invoice in early November, take a few minutes to complete the process to:
  • Protect your career and investment by staying current
  • Maintain your certified status and listing on
  • Retain your current certification number
  • Avoid re-instatement fees and the need to reapply for the credentials

Annual Renewal
The annual renewal is as easy as 1-2-3:

   Step 1 – Submit Application          Step 2 – Pay Renewal Fee         Step 3 - Enjoy
Did you know?
If you have multiple certifications, renewing one will automatically renew others. No additional fees for more than one certification for an individual.
Recertification – Every 7 years
The recertification of certified individuals is conducted every seven years and shall include the following:
  • Complete all annual requirements (see Renewal section above)
  • Proof of Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) as required per level
Once the above criteria are met, the SPFA PCP Certification Certificate and Certification photo identification cards will be issued.

Continuing Education
SPFA PCP encourages and requires professional development activities. At the end of a 7 year certification period, you must demonstrate your professional growth by documenting CEU points.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
For recertification (7 years), the Certified Individual is required to earn the following CEUs.
If the Certified Individual has more than one certification you only need the number of CEUs required at your highest level. In other words, someone certified as both a Project Manager and Master Installer will need just 25 CEUs to become recertified.

           Assistant                              10 CEU                                  Supplier Representative                    25 CEU
           Installer                                15 CEU                                  Field Examiner                                  25 CEU
           Master Installer                    20 CEU 
           Project Manager                  25 CEU

Continuing Education is acceptable if it meets the requirement of enhancing your knowledge, skills and abilities for your current level or a higher level. CEUs can be acquired through many industry educational opportunities. For example, CEUs will be available for those attending SPFA’s annual convention session.  One CEU is awarded for each breakout session and we accept CEUs from other industry organizations such as BPI, RESNET, IIBEC, NRCS and supplier training, etc. One CEU is granted for each 1 hour of training/education.

Your CEU documentation for training courses and seminars must include:
  • Date of session
  • Location of session
  • Title of session
  • Name of Organization or Company hosting event
CEUs are also awarded for participation in SPFA Committees. 
  • 3 CEU maximum per committee based on 100% participation in meetings
  • 1.5 CEU if attended ½ of the meeting

It is easy to re-certify.  Here is how:

Step 1 – Submit Application      Step 2 – Pay Renewal Fee       Step 3 – Submit CEU      Step 4 - Enjoy





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