Field Exams

                                    ---- MASTER INSTALLER ONLY ----
Field Exams Demonstrate Abilities
The SPF Insulation and Roofing Field Exam covers critical task areas of abilities that each candidate must have in order to pass. Each area of the examination is weighted based on importance. The Field Examination shall provide proof of the SPF Master Installer's ability to manufacture quality open and/or closed cell foam or roofing foam in place.

Field Exam Prep
To prepare for your Master Installer Field Exam, review the Field Exam Form. The form gives you each task you will be required to demonstrate.

Time Length for a Field Exam
The time length for the field examination will be 4 hours maximum in length. However, if extenuating circumstances exist that require extra time for the evaluation, this would be at the discretion of the examiner.
The examiner may use his discretion to extend the examination time for such items as:
  • Equipment break down
  • Weather related issues
  • Substrate preparation
  • Other construction site issues
Passing Grade
Passing grade for Field Examination is 75%. The Field Examination is available in English language; however, the Field Exam Form which tells each time being evaluated is available in Spanish for candidates who would like to review (please contact SPFA for copy).
Exam Fees
Exam fees cover the cost of exam coordination, staffing, exam development, review, production and scoring. Please refer to the Fees page for current examination fees. 
Field Exam Fees
The Field Exam fees include a paid Field Examiner and Exam processing fees. When Field Exams are done in a sponsored mock up setting, or at a special event such as the SPFA Annual Convention,  scholarships may be available to offset the cost of a Field Exam. Contact for upcoming Field Exam opportunities.
Location for a Field Exam
The Field Exam may take place on a real live jobsite or in a mock-up setting.

Mock-Up Setting
When Field Examinations are conducted with the use of mock-ups, the candidate shall follow the procedures set out by the manufacturer for the installation of spray polyurethane foam. The Field Exain shall be conducted as it the evaluation was occurring at a construction site. See the appropriate Insulation Certification Handbook or Roofing Certification Handbook for complete details.

On Job-Site
When Field Exams are conducted on the jobsite, make sure that you can demonstrate all the items on the Field Exam Form. See the appropriate Insulation Certification Handbook or Roofing Certification Handbook for complete details.
Here two videos showing the mock-up setting for our field exams at the 2014 Sprayfoam Conference:
Insulation Field Exam Walkthrough
Roofing Field Exam Walkthrough




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