Written and Field Exams

The PCP exams are oriented toward job knowledge, skills and abilities, so that most of what is needed to pass the exam should be acquired by an individual in the course of working and learning on the job. There are no training courses or pre-qualifications for taking an exam. Each PCP certification has an exam that must be passed for each level.

The SPFA PCP certification program has two different types of exams:

Written Exams have been developed to test the knowledge and skills of an individual based on the exam level they are taking. The written exams are administered online and there must be a proctor monitoring the testing.

There are two options for test proctors.
1) In person proctor who is in the same place with test taker(s).
2) Remote Online Biometric identification determines the identity of a person and the exam session is recorded to ensure no violations have occurred. (Additional fees apply)

By using remote online biometric proctoring, we are able to offer written exams anywhere with reliable intenert acess.

In special circumstances, paper exams are also available. Additional fees may apply for paper exams to cover administrative and shipping fees.

Field Exams have been developed to test the abilities of an individual to obtain an SPF Master Installer certification. This exam is an over-the-shoulder exam.



Here two videos showing the mock-up setting for our field exams at the 2014 Sprayfoam Conference:
Insulation Field Exam Walkthrough
Roofing Field Exam Walkthrough



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