Success Stories

Perhaps the best way to understand the benefits of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) in building applications is to look at real-world success stories. As the cases below demonstrate, architects, builders, contractors, homeowners, building owners, and building occupants benefit from the high insulation value, durability, and cost effectiveness of SPF.

For more commercial projects highlighting the successful use of spray foam materials please see our Commercial Enclosure and Specialty categories of the SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards. 

Biofoam Solves Problem that Eluded all Others: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory's (Fermilab) Meson Detector facility, located near Chicago, is a U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics, the science of matter, space and time. A visionary facility when it was originally commissioned under a bill signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 21, 1967, “it has given society some great results in science that touch each one of our lives without us ever knowing it,” said Tiffiny Flaim, president and owner of Biofoam Inc. “When we were approached with the opportunity to work on this project,” Tiffiny said, “we were very sensitive to the high profile nature of the facility, its linkage to the Department of Energy, the importance of the work being conducted there, but also of the fact that we were one in a long line of companies that have attempted to solve the roof’s leakage problems. We didn’t want to be just another case study of failure, and we knew coming in with an SPF roof that we had the best chances of success compared to any previous efforts.” (Full Story)


Heavenly Results: LDS Temple Calls Upon SPF to Rise to the Occasion: 
Glibert, Ariz., has grown at an extermely high rate in the last decade, making a rapid trasformation from an agricultural based area to a diverse sub-urban center. The town has long been known for its high percentage of Mormon population, since many Mormons relocated from Mexico in 1912. To support this large and growing concentration and to ease the load on nearby Mesa Arizona Temple, an equally large project building a new Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) was initiated. (Full Story)

SPF Brings Equality to Star Searching, Keeping the Heavens in View: The 43-Meter equatorial telescope located at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia will spend many more years focused upon the heavens thanks to SPF. (Full Story)



SPF Helps New LEED-Silver University Library Show its Creative Side: 
Norfolk State University (NSU) students will enjoy a new library with wireless connectivity, high-tech resources from computers to video equipment, and a creative, comfortable, architecturally pleasing environment. The $41 million, 132,000 square foot Lyman Beecher Brooks Library is state of the art inside and out, and replaces the old library built in 1972, which had serious leaks and indoor air quality issues. (Full Story)

Huge SPF Project Helps Family Business Maintain Competitive Position Bringing Chickens to Market: With over 400,000 chickens being processed daily, Fieldale Farms has a big operation to maintain. One of their major operating costs identified was energy expense. They needed to reduce their energy consumption, thereby reducing the processing cost per chicken to keep their prices competitive. Otherwise Fieldale was looking at a potential relocation of its operations to outside the United States. Determined to do what was needed to keep the family business employing Georgians, this hightech facility made the choice to go with SPF. (Full Story)




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