The information contained herein is meant to be informative and brief, not prescriptive or comprehensive. For more comprehensive, detailed information please see the related links in the sections below, and consult a knowledgeable, skilled SPF contractor.
The construction and SPF industries are mutual stakeholders in the other's success and growth. It is imperative that professional construction trades be very familiar with SPF, its health & safety considerations, and the impact quality of installation has on performance.
A knowledgeable and informed construction professional, empowered by accurate consensus-developed information, can engage in meaningful dialog with SPF professionals and dramatically increase the likelihood of project success and customer satisfaction.
SPFA has endeavoured to present to you relevant and empowering information on this website. We will be updating these materials regularly.
If you are a home builder, commercial builder, architect, general contractor, building code official, or otherwise considered a “professional customer” in the construction industry, the following resources are intended to aid you in your selection, specification, use and proper understanding of SPF.



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