Certification Programs

SPFA's PCP has a variety of individual certification programs in different categories and levels to accommodate the different job functions in the SPF workplace. 

The core of the program is focused upon the professional contractor and provides for two categories – one for contractor insulation certification and one for contractor roofing certification.

 Insulation Certification (four levels):
  • Assistant
  • Installer
  • Master Installer
  • Project Manager
Roofing Certification (four levels):
  • Assistant
  • Installer
  • Master Installer
  • Project Manager

Supplier Representative Certification includes individuals who have direct advisory contact with the contractor with regard to SPF related materials, etc.
Field Examiner Certification is an individual who conducts the field examination for a candidate seeking to become a PCP Certified master Installer. The field examination is an over-the-shoulder evaluation of a candidate’s abilities in all aspects of SPF application.
 PCP Certified Individuals
  • Understand insulation and roofing projects must be installed correctly to achieve optimum performance.
  • Know the spectrum of SPF products, their application, handling and use guidelines.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities through examination, experience, criteria, and completion of the certification scheme requirements.
  • Possess professional certification credentials to validate their professionalism.
  • A professional with experience in the industry who has met a certain level of certification based on their work with SPF installation and demonstrates that they can work on the installation in a safe and consistent manner.
Why Choose SPFA PCP for your Certifications?

Candidates earn their Certification
Unlike other certifying organizations, PCP Certifications are not awarded based on course completion. All candidates must demonstrate a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities that only comes with validation through testing and experience.
Standout from Others in the Industry
Working toward and earning a PCP Certification sets you apart from your peers in the SPF industry by demonstrating your achievement of the certification in the program with the best reputation in the industry.

Developed by industry for industry
PCP Certifications are developed by industry field experts, not by association staff which gives more credibility to the content and the knowledge being tested.
Certifications are ISO 17024 compliant
Businesses and consumers rely on PCP Certifications as a metric for increased standardization of personnel performance.
Secure testing of individuals
As one of the steps to certification, candidates must take exams under secure conditions adhering to certification testing compliance standards.
SPFA PCP Certifications demonstrate to your current and future employers that you are dedicated to staying current and using the industry’s best practices. Trust that as an SPFA PCP certification holder, you are in an elite group of SPF professionals and that the value of your certification will continue to grow as we take the needed steps to protect the SPF industry and those who choose to work in it.
Available Certifications

Insulation Certification Roofing Certification
  • Level 1 - Assistant
  • Level 1 - Assisant
  • Level 2 - Insulation Installer
  • Level 2 - Roofing Installer
  • Level 3 - Insulation Master Installer
  • Level 3 - Roofing Master Installer
  • Level 4 - Insulation Project Manager
  • Level 4 - Roofing Project Manager

Supplier Representative Individual Certification
  • Insulation
  • Roofing
  • Both Insulation and Roofing

Field Examiner Individual Certification



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