Technical Information

SPFA engages in various technical activities on behalf of its members. These activities range from research and development on fire testing or Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), to consideration of building science as it relates to SPF, chemical health and safety, installation practice and techniques, building codes and standards and many other issues of relevance to sprayfoam insulation and roofing professionals, as well as the manufacturers and distributors of the products and services.

Facilitated by our expert staff, the majority of technical work is completed by one of several technically-oriented committees populated by member volunteers in SPFA. Time is always short in supply for volunteers and SPFA greatly appreciates the sacrifices and commitments our committee members make to do the work of the industry.  In many cases that work, if appropriate, is published in our SPFA TechDocs (technical documents), as a Tech Tip, or as a stand-alone publication highlighting the information generated by a particular effort.  The purpose of these documents is to share the results of this work with members and other stakeholders in the industry to increase the understanding, acceptance, and proper use of sprayfoam insulation and roofing.

In 2015, SPFA completely reformatted all existing AY documents using consistent format.  This new format for the SPFA TechDocs places each document in to one of four categories for easy reference and identification: Roofing, Insulation, Specialty and General.  In many cases, the content of the old AY documents remain unchanged.  It should be noted that all documents using the 'AY-XXX' numbering scheme are now replaced with a new numbering scheme of 'SPFA-XXX'.


SPFA Technical Committees


Building Envelope Committee (BEC)

The Building Envelope Committee is involved in all technical issues relating to SPF insulation products, focusing on installation and building science research.
Chair: Mac Sheldon, Sheldon Consulting, LLC (email Mac)

Roofing Committee (RC)

The Roofing Committee is involved in all technical issues relating to SPF roofing and coating products, focusing on installation and inspection.
Chair: Roger Morrison, Deer Ridge Consulting (email Roger)

Safety Committee (SC)

The Safety Committee is involved in all issues relating to chemical and general jobsite health and safety.
Co-Chairs: Chris King, Anchor Insulation & Becky Karam, IBP (email Chris & Becky)

Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

The Technical Oversight Committee provides review of all SPFA technical documents to assure accuracy and industry consensus.
Chair: Roger Morrison, Deer Ridge Consulting (email Roger)

SPFA Technical Document Library

SPFA Helpline (800-523-6154)

  • SPFA technical staff hosts a helpline for questions (not addressed by FAQs) from SPF contractors, builders, architects, code officials, and building/homeowners.
  • Typical response times from 0-72 hours. Inquiries are encouraged instead via email for easy tracking and off-hours repsonse. (Email Technical Support)

SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.