Technical Oversight

The Technical Oversight Committee provides review of all SPFA technical documents to assure accuracy and industry consensus.

Chair:             John Stahl, Preferred Solutions (email John)
Vice Chair:      Mac Sheldon,  Sheldon Consulting (email Mac)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technical Committee is to provide a wide range of technical service to the Spray Polyurethane Foam industry such as, but not limited to:
  • Review existing documents and serve as a clearing house to ensure the “Continuity of Value” of technical information published by SPFA and others concerning the products and services to our industry;
  • Review, research, develop and issue documents concerning new products, systems and services AND
  • To identify, explore, develop, and communicate an understanding of technical issues facing our industry. 

This is the public page for the committee.  SPFA Members can view the activities of this SPFA committee if your member type allows you to join this committee.  Log in as a member to your My Profile page and select Committees and Groups on the left of your dashboard.  Click on the committee page name to access the members-only committee webpage.



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