SPFA has led the industry to accurately determine the environmental impacts of SPF insulation and roofing materials.  In 2013, an industry-level, ISO-compliant life cycle assessment (LCA) was completed.  This study led to the development of environmental product declarations (EPDs).  Compliant with ISO requirements, this study was updated in 2018.



Summary Report               Detailed Report

Counting Carbon: 2018 Residential Insulation Use Phase Report   -  Based on the 2018 EPD reports, an independent LCA practioner, Sustainable Solutions developed a use phase report comparing embodied energy and carbon impact of SPF and fiberglass insulation applied in a typical residential single-family home in three different US climates.  All insulation was installed to prescriptive R-value required by the 2018 IECC.   Although the intial environmental impacts of SPF are slightly higher for SPF compared to fiberglass based on published EPDs, the improved air sealing performance of SPF during the lifetime of these homes saves additional energy.  This additional energy savings, within a few years, can offset the initial difference in environmental impact between SPF and fiberglass, rendering a significant net improvement over the life of the home.   The  SPFA Summary Report and the full Sustainable Solutions Detail Report are both provided above.

Counting Carbon: Low Global Warming Potential Blowing Agents for Closed-Cell Spray Foam
 summarizes the status of US regulations for SPF blowing agents as of March 2021 and provides links to the industry-wide EPDs for HFC and HFO based spray polyurethane foam insulation and roofing products.

2018 Life Cycle Assessment Study (Practioner Report) -  This is the full industry-level ISO-compliant LCA for SPF.  It available to energy, environmental and sustainability professionals looking to better understand the environmental impacts of SPF insulation and roofing materials. The LCA was conducted by independent, third-party, professional LCA practitioner Sphera (formerly PE International/thinkstep) following all relevant ISO standards.

2018 Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) -  Using the 2018 industry-level LCA report for SPF, Sphera created two ISO-compliant EPDs reviewed and published by ASTM, the EPD Program Operator,  One EPD includes open-cell SPF and closed-cell, roofing and low-pressure SPF using HFC blowing agents, and the second EPD includes open-cell SPF and closed-cell, roofing and low-pressure SPF using low-GWP HFO blowing agents.




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