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During March 2, 3 and 4, the first three days of the SprayFoam 2024 Convention & Expo, a number of PCP certification activities took place, including free master installer field exams, written exam prep courses, and written exams. This year we set a record for master installer field exams at 141, and increased the total written exams taken in 2023 from 146 to 330. The historical data is shown below.

Participants were taken through each of the stations of the Field Exam to see what was involved. This experience brought the Field Exam to life! They were offered before the Field Exams began each day. We didn’t be sharing any answers (that part was up to candidates during the exam), but it was explained why and how the field exams were conducted, using an actual field exam set up as the prop.

The costs for the field exams are underwritten by Scholarship Sponsors. Time, equipment and all materials for the field exams are donated by Equipment and Material Sponsors. In addition there are many individual volunteers that contribute time and resources to teach our exam prep courses and field exams. For many, this  includes arriving at the field exam site three days before for set-up.

Thank you to all who contributed, including the following generous sponsors and volunteers.




We want to thank each of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the field exams a success!
Many volunteers arrived days early to do the set-up. Prior to that, there were hours of phone calls to iron out all the details. Under the leadership of Field Exam Director, Will Parker, and PCP Field Exam Co-Chairs, Bonnie Strickler and Ron Winkle and the person who managed all details, Phil Robarge, the large group of volunteers implemented the successful execution of the Field Exams in Las Vegas at SprayFoam 2024.

It is the work of this incredible team of volunteers, the attention to detail and the dedication to the SPF industry that made it all happen. At the risk of forgetting someone, we want to thank each individual who contributed to this year's success. If someone is missing, please contact certdirector@sprayfoam.org so they are recognized. THANK YOU! 


Each year, SPFA provides PCP written exam prep courses for all seven written exams for certification. Instructors of these courses volunteer their time and expertise to make this happen. Many thanks to our 2024 instructors!
Mary Bogdan    Honeywell    Assistant Course      
Bob Duke    Applied Energy Savings Systems    Insulation Installer and Master Installer Courses
Tom Harris    Tom Harris PUR Consulting    Insulation Project Manager Course
Gary Harvey    Wedge Roofing    Roofing Installer and Roofing Master Installer Courses
Bryan Heldreth    RPC Industries/JACKCRETE    Installer, Master Installer and Project Manager Courses
Robert Naini    Spray Foam Advisor       Insulation Project Manager Course  
Bruce Schenke    Weathering Systems Services    Roofing Project Manager



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