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During February 11, 12 and 13, the first two days of the SprayFoam 2022 Convention & Expo, a number of PCP certification activities took place, including free master installer field exams, written exam prep courses, and written exams. This year we set a record for master installer field exams at 83, and increased the total written exams taken in 2022 from 132 146. The historical data is shown below.

Participants were taken through each of the stations of the Field Exam to see what was involved. This experience brought the Field Exam to life! They were offered before the Field Exams began each day. We didn’t be sharing any answers (that part was up to candidates during the exam), but it was explained why and how the field exams were conducted, using an actual field exam set up as the prop.

The costs for the field exams are underwritten by Scholarship Sponsors. Time, equipment and all materials for the field exams are donated by Equipment and Material Sponsors. In addition there are many individual volunteers that contribute time and resources to teach our exam prep courses and field exams. For many, this  includes arriving at the field exam site three days before for set-up.

Thank you to all who contributed, including the following generous sponsors and volunteers.


Sig Hall Memorial Scholarship Sponsors              Equipment and Materials Sponsors 
Ambit Polyurethane BASF
BASF General Coatings Manufacturing
Carlisle Construction Materials Honeywell
GACO Huntsman Building Solutions
General Coatings Manufacturing Insulation Machines Direct
GRACO INTECH Equipment and Supply
Huntsman Building Solutions International Fireproof Technology
Insulate SB Polyurethane Machinery Corporation
MCC ProFoam
Progressive Materials RIS Insulation Supply
Service Partners Roof AsseManagement
Gaco | SES  Spray Foam Systems
West Roofing Systems TruTeam

We want to thank each of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the field exams a success!
Many volunteers arrived days early to do the set-up. Prior to that, there were hours of phone calls to iron out all the details. Under the leadership of Field Exam Director, Will Parker, and PCP Field Exam Co-Chairs, Bonnie Strickler and Ron Winkle. The large group of volunteers implemented the successful execution of the Field Exams in Daytona Beach at SprayFoam 2023.

It is the work of this incredible team of volunteers, the attention to detail and the dedication to the SPF industry that made it all happen. At the risk of forgetting someone, we want to thank each individual who contributed to this year's success. THANK YOU! 
Ken Anderson Pro Foam  
Jeromy Beasley Holcim  
Mary Bogdan Honeywell  
Sam Burnal General Coatings
Derick Chester Allstate Roofing
Robert Cockerell D&D Insulation
Jordan Cook Pro Foam  
Nancy Deaton Midwest Spray Foam
Samantha Deaton Midwest Spray Foam
Michael Diehl Service Partners
William Donovan Carlisle
Teri England Smart Choice 
Eric Faust Service Partners
Tyler Fiske Creative Polymers
Cole Fletcher Creative Polymers
Matt Fraunenhofer Carlisle
Steven Fries Carlisle
Luis Garza BASF
Mathews George BASF
Brad Glazier IFTI
TJ Goeringer AFCAT
Aaron Goodfellow Huntsman  Building Solutions
Steve Goold General Coatings
Todd Harrison Spray Foam Systems
Steven Herzog Carlisle
Jay Hutchek MCC
Natasha Jacobs Spray Foam Systems
Chris Janzen BASF
Jeff Johnson West Roofing
Joel Keddle Foam Direct- 
Vince Kerr Huntsman  Building Solutions
Joe Kilgore Service Partners
Dan Kinard Huntsman  Building Solutions
Nate Klostriech PMC
Mike Klostriech PMC
Mike Larson Service Partners
Ryan Leic Huntsman  Building Solutions
Tim Lichter Top Build
Pat McCoy BASF
Daniel McKinstrie Carlisle
Richard Medford Pro Foam  
David Mize Carslisle
Jimmy Nelson BASF
Tim Newmeyer PMC
Kelly Numburg RIS
Brian Oman BASF
Kevin Owens Service Partners
Jayden Park Service Partners
Will Parker Holcim  
Jenny Parker Holcim  
Robin Pence Intech  
Jeremy Ramer Top Build
Jonathan Randazzo Holcim  
Tom Rivera PMC
Phil Robarge WSP
Cesar Rodriguez Holcim  
Bruce Schenke Carlisle
Derick Schrader General Coatings
Rusty Schrader Allstate Roofing
Greg Snowman Huntsman  Building Solutions
Bill Springer Spray Foam Systems
Patrick Stehley Honeywell  
Olivia Stobush AFCAT
Bonnie Strickler PUFF, Inc.
Anthony Torres Holcim  
John Trace Service Partners
Chris Tree Greenshield
Dean Trotta WSP
Denny Vandewater  
Dan Verburg General Coatings
Kenny Walter Spray Foam Systems
Shawn Wate Top Build
Ken Wells Polypro/Elite
Chris West West Roofing
Joseph Wiggins Holcim  
Ron Winkle Roof Asset Management

Each year, SPFA provides PCP written exam prep courses for all seven written exams for certification. Instructors of these courses volunteer their time and expertise to make this happen. Many thanks to our 2023 instructors!
Mary Bogdan    Honeywell    Assistant Course      
Bob Duke    Applied Energy Savings Systems    Insulation Installer and Master Installer Courses
Tom Harris    Tom Harris PUR Consulting    Insulation Project Manager Course
Gary Harvey    Wedge Roofing    Roofing Installer and Roofing Master Installer Courses
Bryan Heldreth    RPC Industries/JACKCRETE    Installer, Master Installer and Project Manager Courses
Robert Naini    Spray Foam Advisor       Insulation Project Manager Course  
Bruce Schenke    Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings    Roofing Project Manager


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