SprayFoam 2022 Recap

SPFA Staff is pleased to announce that SprayFoam 2022 in San Antonio was a huge success.  We set a record attendance of 1,518, which is 31% greater than SprayFoam 2020 in Pasadena and 19% increase over our largest show in the central US region.
Staff is compiling other key show metrics, so stay tuned and check the links to the left for more information.  Data regarding attendance, exhibitors and certification activities should be posted within the next few days.  Winners of the National Industry Excellence awards, as well as the Annual Golf Tournament results are available now by clicking the links to the left.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, partners, exhibitors, attendees and volunteers for making SprayFoam 2022 the best ever!

SprayFoam 2023 Convention and Expo will be held at a location in the southeastern US. The exact location and dates will be announced soon.
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You may receive solicitations to purchase SprayFoam Convention and Expo attendee lists for past or upcoming events.  SPFA does not provide these lists to such companies.  It is likely that these list, if actually available, are not accurate and in many cases, these offers are completely fraudulent.   

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