Speaker Information - SF23

We are excited that you will be presenting a breakout session this year for SprayFoam 2023 Convention and Expo! 

In order for our attendees to get the most out of your speaking session, we have provided resources for you. We will post updated information as it becomes available.

Speaker Information:

  • SprayFoam 2023 Presentation Template - please use the official template for your presentation
  • Review Speaker Profile - please review and update your speaker profile by clicking My Profile under Features for Attendees. Be sure to add a photo. It is best to use a square photo to avoid being stretched.

Please note: Consistent with past policy, SPFA does not reimburse travel expenses for breakout session speakers.

Key Information:
  • All breakout sessions are 45 minutes, please allow for 5-10 minutes of Q&A.
  • Please see the Schedule of Events and Breakout Schedule. On Tuesday, February 14, there are 2 consecutive timeslots and on Wednesday, February 15, there are 3 consecutive timeslots.
  • All presentations must be educational in nature and cannot promote the presenter's products or services.
  • PPT Presentations will be made available to SF23 Conference attendees.
  • SPFA reserves the right to record breakout sessions (both video and audio) for future use.
  • Follow Guidelines for your presentation. You can download them here.
  • ALL Speakers agree to the SF2023 Speaker Agreement Terms and Conditions.



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