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The SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP) provides you with the information you need to understand PCP certifications and accreditations. Whether you are beginning a career in the SPF industry and want to become certified – or are looking to renew your current certification – the following resources will help you understand how the certification process works and why you should become PCP certified.

Certification Best Practices
The PCP continually takes steps to ensure that our certifications remain the most respected and reputable in the industry. This leads to well qualified certification holders that meet industry expectations, are successful, and can perform in their jobs.

Certification Ethics
Following the rules and ethics associated with PCP certification demonstrates your dedication to the integrity of the program.  This helps maintain customer confidence in services provided and ensures the continued quality and positive reputation of the program.
Know the Rules

Exam Development Process
Certification for each level is based on passing the examinations(s) for that particular level.  In these examinations, the candidate must demonstrate the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) required to become certified. Each KSA is built on the Job Task Analysis(JTA) as outlined in the Appendix of the Certification Handbook.  We realize the confusion and uncertainty that can come with something new, especially when it is based on unfamiliar terminology, such as JTAs and KSAs.

To simplify it, the following is the step-by-step process followed and how JTAs and KSAs evolve.
  1. Identify the FUNCTIONS an SPF Professional has in the course of his work. For example, understanding Health and Safety with Chemicals is a Function.
  2. Within each Function, define the TASKS. (For example, the correct use of Person Protective Equipment is a Task).
  3. For each Task, the QAP Committee defined the LEARNING OBJECTIVE (LO) that must be met in order to be recognized as an SPF Professional.
  4. Identify what KNOWLEDGE, SKILL and/or ABILITY (KSAs) an Spray Foam Professional requires to perform their Functions and Tasks.  Each KSA is tied to a specific task.  In this case, the Certification Committees determined that SPF Professionals must KNOW what PPE is necessary for each task, have the SKILL to ensure PPE is working correctly (such as how/when to change respirator filters) and demonstrate the ABILITY to properly use PPE.
Computer-Based Testing
On way in which PCP is ensuring that the certifications it awards meet and exceed industry expectations is through leveraging professional development and examination standards.  This translates into transitioning from paper-based to computer-based proctored testing.
Program Handbooks
Download the supporting handbooks for the Certification and Accreditation Program classification you are seeking. Here you will find everything you need to know about the program, how it was developed, the process and all the details about the exams, policies and procedures.

Certification Program Handbooks

Contractor - Insulation                                                Contractor - Roofing                                                 
     Including:                                                                        Including: 
     - SPF Assistant                                                               - SPF Assistant
     - Installer                                                                         - Installer
     - Master Installer                                                             - Master Installer
     - Project Manager                                                           - Project Manager
Supplier Representative                                                Field Examiner                                                    

Accreditation Program Handbooks                                         

Contractor Company Accreditation Program               Supplier Company Accreditation Program  
Find a Certified Professional or an Accredited Company
Are you looking for a PCP Certified Installer, Master Installer or Project Manager for your next project? Do you need to validate your employees’ certification? Use the SPFA PCP Certification program for all you SPF needs and to help ensure the project is done right the first time.  You may begin your search by checking our online member directory and specify the location of the project and indicate you are interest in either an Accredited Company or a company that has PCP Certified employee(s).  There are also PCP certified individuals who are not members of SPFA, so please contact certdirector@sprayfoam.org for more information.
SPFA Training and PCP Exam Prep

PCP Exam Preparatory Courses are offered both in person and online.  Each Exam Prep courses is available on-demand through SPFA.  You may start and stop each course at your convenience if you prefer to do the 5-7 hour courses in smaller increments of time.

PCP Study Guides are availble at no charge to SPFA Members HERE.   Non-members can purchase SPFA Study Guides from the Online Store.

In person training  is offered at the SPFA Annual Convention as well as through some Suppliers. Upcoming courses will be listed on the calendar of events on this website as details become available.
Contact certdirector@sprayfoam.org for details.

Why Choose PCP Certifications?
PCP Certifications are the most recognized and widely-accepted int eh world and are built on decades of comprehensive knowledge from industry  subject matter experts. Those receiving certification had and their knowledge and skills tested and their abilities validated to successfully perform in the field.



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