Field Examiner Certification

The SPFA PCP Certified Field Examiner is the person who conducts the field examination of the candidate wishing to be certified as an SPFA PCP Certified Master Installer. The Field Examiner’s role is to evaluate the Abilities of the candidate which are clearly defined on the Field Examination form. The Field Examiner does not “grade” the Field Exam, but submits the completed Field Examination form to the “SPFA PCP who will then “grade” the results.

Who Should Apply?
Individuals with experience in the SPF and related industries who meet the pre-qualification requirements. These areas include:
  • SPF installation
  • SPF Trainer or Technical Support
  • Building Experience (framing, roofing, drywall, siding, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • Inspection Experience (site visits, diagnostics, inspections)
  • Industry Certifications (BPI, IIBEC, RESNET, SPFA, etc)

Important Critical Tasks Performed
The Important critical tasks performed by a certified SPF Field Examiner, consist of:
  • Verifying that a jobsite or mock-up venue the candidate has prepared will be conducive to demonstrate their abilities.
  • Instructing a candidate about the requirements for their conduct during the examination, including what is and what is not allowed during the examination.
  • Observing a candidate in a jobsite setting or mock-up venue.
  • Recording the actions of a candidate against pre-set requirements for that level of certification.
  • Taking appropriate action should the candidate endanger the safety of themselves or any other person in the area where the examination is taking place.
  • Refraining from coaching, directing or assisting the candidate during the examination.

Steps to Certification

Step 1 – Complete and submit documentation
  • Enroll in the program
  • Sign Agreement
  • Complete free online training course – 30 minute webinar
  • Submit Field Examiner Pre-Qualfication Form and other supporting documents
 Step 2 – Certification Exam
  • Certification Field Examiner Written Exam administered in person
  • Certification Field Examiner Written Exam administered remotely (in your home, office or anywhere with internet) through ProctorU

Field Examiner Written Exam
The SPF Field Examiner Written Examination covers critical areas of knowledge that each candidate is required to demonstrate. The written examination shall provide documented proof of the SPF Field Examiner’s knowledge to be able to observe and document an installer’s abilities for he installation of SPF in a safe and consistent manner.
     Knowledge Areas Covered 
  • Documentation
  • Pre-Installation
  • Equipment/Rig
  • Installation
  • Post Installation
  • ISO 17024 Requirements
  • Staging a Job Site or Mock up
  • Pre-Installation Instruction
  • Observation oif the Installer
  • Recording Installer’s Ability
  • Safety During Field Exam
  • Field Examiner’s Conduct During Field Exam
The Written Examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions.
Note: Click HERE for more information on Examinations. 
Ways to Prepare for Exams
  • Exam Prep Courses – They are offered in the following ways:
    • Online through SPFA – available on-demand
    • In person through SPFA at our annual convention (next one scheduled for Feb 2022)
    • In person through suppliers (check calendar of events online for upcoming sessions)
  • Self-Study – SPFA PCP Exam Prep Study Guides are available from the SPFA Online Store

Maintaining Certification
  • Renew certifications annually (based on calendar year)
  • Recertify your credentials every 7 years
    • Complete renewal/recertification application
    • Proof of CEU required with re-certification (7 years)
      • 25 CEU required for Field Examiner



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