The SPFA Equipment Committee addresses all technical issues regarding spray equipment, auxiliary equipment and spray rig operations and maintenance.

Chair: John Courier, Equipment & Coatings Technologies LLC (email John)

Mission Statement

  • Provide a wide range of technical information to the SPF industry to help members select equipment that best suits customers’ needs using input data for customers’ applications.
  • Maintain current SPFA TechDocs SPFA-137 Spray Polyurethane Equipment Guidelines and SPFA-144 Coating Equipment Guidelines.
  • Develop new TechDocs and TechTips as needed. 
  • Develop a new category with non-biased performance facts for low-pressure (under 1K) spray foam systems as they enter the market.
  • Identify, explore, develop, and communicate an understanding of technical issues related to SPF processing equipment.
  • Provide a forum for SPF equipment and accessory suppliers and members who perform equipment maintenance services, troubleshooting, rebuilding and complete overhauls.
  • Develop guidelines for best-practices, safe and efficient design and maintenance of SPF equipment, rigs, and accessories.  
  • Identify all types of spray guns, categorizing as appropriate into plastic/throw-away, air purge, mechanical purge, manually operated no air, and re-useable low-pressure guns.
  • Identify all types of available proportioners.
  • Provide better data analysis of ancillary equipment used with and for the backup of SPF equipment.
  • Analyze and categorize SPF equipment into low-pressure, high-pressure, and OGV mask types.

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