With ever-increasing concerns about durability and a building's ability to withstand severe weather events, the SPFA provides these documents.


Flood Resistance

Flood-Resistant Construction using Closed-Cell SPF(2016)
- Closed-cell SPF insulation is the only cavity insulation recognized by FEMA as flood damage resistant and approved for reconstruction in flood-prone areas.   SPFA has developed this guidance document to assist homeowners and contractors to rebuild using closed-cell SPF.
Structural Enhancement

Closed-cell SPF can also improve the structural performance wood and metal framed buildings.  Several studies performed by the Canadian Council of Forest Industries (1991), the National Association of Home Builders (1992) and (1996) and SPFA (2007) show that closed-cell cavity insulation can dramatically improve the racking resistance of framed wall assemblies.   

Research performed by SPFA member suppliers and the University of Florida show that closed-cell SPF applied beneath roof decks can significantly improve wind-uplift resistance and provide a secondary water barrier in the event that the primary roof covering is destroyed.  This application of closed-cell SPF has been recognized as part of the Insurance Institute for Businessand Home Safety (IBHS) Fortified Home program.
SPF and Termites

SPFA and the Spray Foam Coalition have developed this termite guidance document and video on application of SPF in basements and crawlspaces with a high probability of termite infestation.  State residential building codes have special requirements including inspection gaps at the top and bottom of the foundation walls.  Review this document and video for more information.



Adverse Weather Performance

SPF roofing systems have exceptional sustainability characteristics. They save energy, are resistant to high winds, protect the substrate against damage from hail and wind driven debris, and are renewable (in many cases reusable rock aggregate, recycled roofing material injected into the coatings, and other renewable materials can be used to complement the SPF roof).  SPF has proven durable during recent hurricanes, during hail storms, and other adverse weather conditions.


RICOWI (Roofing Industry's Committee on Weather Issues) is a non-profit organization that works to identify and address important technical issues related to the cause of wind and hail damage.  SPFA is a founding member of this organization and has done work in the past to help coordinate and execute research after major weather-related incidents.  RICOWI's research and investigation after these events has shed quantifiable light on the durability of spray foam roofing. For more information on their findings, please contact RICOWI.



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