Maximize Performance and Savings

Maximize Energy Savings with an Earth-Friendly Roof System

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, While Saving in Energy Costs
Buildings are one of the most prolific greenhouse gas contributors. Builders, architects, and owners are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impacts of their structures. They also want to reduce energy costs. Energy efficiency solutions are the answer and SPF roofing is one of the most effective. I
ndustry-level ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product
Declarations (EPDs) are available here:

SPF Roofing & Solar Panels: An Ideal Match
SPF roofing and solar panels are, more than ever, combined on the roof as an optimized energy solution. In high performance structures, energy is both saved and generated. SPF roofing provides a protective cover and enhances energy savings, while solar panels generate renewable clean energy. Together, the two systems dramatically reduce the building’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources.   More information on SPF and photovoltaic systems can be found in SPFA-150 Photo-Voltaic Systems and SPF
Roof Systems. Guidance for all SPF applications can be downloaded from the SPFA TechDoc library.  

Zero Net Energy Buildings
Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings are in demand. Becauseof their unparalleled ability to seal and insulate the building envelope, SPF roofing and insulation are common materials utilized to achieve zero net energy. SPF roofing and solar are an integral design element of any ZNE building.