How It's Installed

SPF roofing systems are installed by trained applicators who understand the spray equipment, the foam and coating materials, and industry roofing practices. After careful evaluation of the roof deck condition, the roof deck is prepared by removing debris and optional application of a primer to improve adhesion. A specified thickness of SPF is applied followed by a protective covering.

SPF roofing systems include a covering to ensure protection from the effects mechanical wear, UV exposure and other weathering processes. The SPF can be covered with a variety of cool roof elastomeric coatings or aggregate materials which can:

  • Inhibit moisture vapor transmission
  • Enhance aesthetics of the system
  • Increase the impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance of the system
  • Satisfy fire resistance criteria and code requirements
Elastomeric coatings are typically specified by the foam supplier as part of a SPF roof system and can include acrylic, silicone, butyl rubber, polyurethane and polyurea.