Successful Roof Solutions

SPF roofing provides a seamless, continuous layer over the top of the structure. The roof system performs numerous functions: vapor retarder, weather-resistant barrier, air barrier and continuous thermal insulation. SPF forms a durable and rigid covering that provides resistance to impact from hail and foot traffic. SPF roofing systems may be applied as a new roof or over most existing roofs, providing a cost-effective retrofit solution. 

SPF roofing can be used on nearly any building in any North American climate, providing distinct advantages over other roofing systems when:

  • Additional roof insulation is needed for comfort, energy savings or code compliance
  • Tapered application is required to enhance drainage
  • Roof deck is an unusual configuration or shape
  • Substrate includes many penetrations (such as solar panel supports)
  • Roof fastening is limited by substrate material (concrete, etc.) or aesthetics of a visible roof deck
  • Removal of existing roof covering is impractical due to cost or business interruption