Individual Certification Programs

All individuals wishing to become certified in the SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP), must first enroll in the PCP Program.  This is a one time fee and process.   You can hold as many certification as you want with the one time enrollment.   You do not  need to be anSPFA Member to participate in the certification program; however Members do receive a discount since their dues already help to support the program.
Enrollment Fee   Member Non-Member
   One-time fee; it is not transferrable     $250       $350
Written Examination Fee   Member Non-Member
Combined certification exams (online)      
   Level 1 – Assistant (1part exam)  Insulation AND Roofing   $200       $300
   Level 2 – Installer (2 part exam) Insulation or Roofing   $250       $350
   Level 3 – Master Installer (3 part exam) Insulation or Roofing   $300       $400
   Level 4 – Project Manager (4 part exam Insulation or Roofing   $350       $450

Remote testing is available and remote proctor fees will apply. 

Fees are $50 for a 1 part exam,  $75 for 2 part exam taken at the same time. In other words, two back to back exams which must be completed within a 4 hour time period.  The fees for the 3 and 4 part exams will depend on how many tests are taken in consecutive time periods. For example, in order to have a 3 part test discount, you must hold a 6 hour block of time in which you will complete the three parts of the exam.  This is not recommended since exam fatigue can occur and you may not do as well on the exams compared to taking them in increments and not all at once.
Field Examination Fees   Member Non-Member
   Certified Master Installer only                         Insulation or Roofing   $950*      $1350*

There are times when scholarships are available to help offset the Field Exam costs.  Check with SPFA on the next opportunities for Field Exams Scholarships through the Sig Hall Memorial Fund. Traditionally this has occurred at the SPFA Annual Convention.
Supplier Representative Fees   Member Non-Member
   Single Written Exam                           Insulation or Roofing             $200      $300
   Combined Exam   Insulation AND Roofing   $200       $300
Field Examiner Fees      
   Individual Written Exam Insulation AND Roofing   $200      $300
Company Accreditation Programs
Contractor Company   Member Non-Member
   Enrollment Fee (one-time)                                                                     $350      $500
Supplier Company      
   Enrollment Fee (one-time)     $1250      $1875
Maintaining Credentials
                                  Member Non-Member
Renew Individual Certifications (annually)        $150       $250
Renew Company Accreditations (annually)         
   Contractor Company     $350      $500
   Supplier Company    $1250     $1875
Re-certify every 7 years (Individuals) – same as annual renewal fee     $250       $350



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