Building Envelope

The Building Envelope Committee (BEC) is involved in all technical issues relating to SPF insulation products, focusing on installation and building science research.

Chair: Shawn Wate, TrueTeam (email Shawn)

Mission Statement

  • To provide a technical basis for expanding the use of polyurethane-foam-in-place within the building envelope.
  • To achieve this mission, the BEC will review and support the development of methods for performance evaluation of SPF, participate in activities leading to development, documentation and dissemination of information on applications of SPF in different building envelopes and systems.
  • To participate in the planning, organizing, documenting and supporting of construction and monitoring of selected demonstration projects with SPF in the building envelope in cooperation with the Steering Committee.
  • To assist the Board of Directors and Marketing Committees in developing and carrying out market oriented programs.

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