SPF Professional

You are an SPF pro. You spend your days as a chemist using science to make molecules work together in ways that produce amazing, safe and effective products. You’re responsible for getting the SPF around the country and into the hands of professional contractors that will do great things with it. You’re a contractor that has accepted as your tradecraft long days in the field, fighting for customers, delivering great service, working to Foam-It-RightTM and grow your business. You’re a building scientist, marketing professional, consultant, training or business management professional working in, for, or around SPF.

It takes a lot of front-line professionals, supporting lab work, and backoffice expertise to make the Sprayfoam industry run.

You are the people that get the job done and SPFA is here to help. As a pro, SPFA wants to provide you and our members with the best service, technical guidance, advocacy, certification, industry promotion and representation possible.

Being a pro in the SPF industry isn’t easy. SPFA tries to make it easier for you to focus upon your skills, business, and growth. To do that job we need you onboard. If you aren’t a member, Join Now. If you are a member, please find useful information below and additionally in the Members Only Section of this website.

SPF Pro Tools

Technical Documentation & Programs

You need an answer to something and need it now, but aren’t sure where to turn? It’s likely SPFA has produced a document on it, or at least knows where to get you an answer because SPFA engages in important, regular technical activities. These activities range from research and development on fire testing or Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), to consideration of building science as it relates to SPF, chemical health and safety, installation practice and techniques, building codes and standards, and many other issues of importance to SPF professionals.

  • To access SPFA technical committees, technical documents library, FAQs, Glossary of terms and other information, click HERE.

SPF Training & Certification

The mark of a professional is the legacy of a good project from diligent, expert performance. There are certain things that define you as an SPF professional and act as points of reference for existing and prospective customers – demonstrated excellence in past projects, referrals and good references, experience, carrying proper business insurance, perhaps displaying an SPFA Contractor Excellence Award? While all of these carry weight, so too do industry credentials. Likely you have a contractor’s license, but you’re looking for something more specific to differentiate you as an SPF professional? Something that shows your proven knowledge, skills and abilities?

  • If you are a professional SPF roofer or insulation installer, pick your level and start working toward your SPFA Professional Certification Program certifications, and your future, by going HERE. Available to non-members but deep member-discounts are available to SPFA members only.

Industry Promotion & Outreach

Industry promotion and outreach take many forms at SPFA. From SPFA’s central position we speak out on your behalf of the energy and environmental benefits of SPF, health and safety of workers, important industry research findings, best practices and appeal of SPF. SPFA provides important industry information to a variety of audiences through our partnerships with builders, architects, general contractors, customers, state and federal audiences. We do this in-person, on webinars, through our industry trade publication Sprayfoam Professional Magazine, through our annual national convention and through our members.

SPFA also promotes and communicates collective industry knowledge and expertise, resources, guidance, industry events, industry news and other information internally across the membership. Our job is to keep you informed and prepared so you can do the best job, safely, and focus upon the success of your business.

  • For SPFA’s trade publication Sprayfoam Professional, click HERE.
  • For SPFA’s annual convention information, including presentations from previous conventions, click HERE.
  • For Health & Safety information related to SPF click HERE.
  • If you are a member and wish to have SPFA deliver (in-person or webinar) one of its AIA-backed presentations to your customer, an architect firm, state efficiency group, general contractor firm, etc, please request it HERE. The presentations consist of Introduction to Spray Polyurethane Foam, and another entitled Decoding Thermal and Ignition Barriers. AIA-credits available.


You’re facing more challenges in business every day. You need an ally that represents your interests as your industry becomes more impacted by state and federal government. SPFA does this for you since most of the issues are bigger than any one company can handle. We are able to bring together the voices of the SPF industry and communicate those to important audiences. SPFA is also able to provide you with direct information on advocacy issues that will impact your businesses.

  • For advocacy activities SPFA engages in, click HERE.


The true force-multiplier is partnership. SPFA develops partnerships with stakeholders in the SPF industry that either influence the industry, or depend upon the industry. These partnerships allow both SPFA and the partner to have an open dialogue that helps both to better understand industry challenges and opportunities. It also provides external partners with a sense of the SPF industry’s teamwork in realizing their success, and provides confidence that the industry has a go-to organization to help them with their questions. Industry transformation toward widespread adoption of a superior product and its performance takes a team.

  • SPFA loads most outreach partner event presentations in the Member Only section of this website for your reference.
  • If you are aware of an organization that would benefit from a partnership with SPFA, please notify us by clicking HERE.

Discounts & Member Services

Every company needs great service and ways to save money to realize success. SPFA offers the SPF pro a chance to do both. Member Services can help you with your membership and direct you to the materials and answers you need to support your business.

The SPFA membership and annual convention are among the most effective ways for you to engage your industry, participate in activities, get certified, and be knowledgeable of the things that are going to impact your business. Deep member discounts are available for both the convention and Professional Certification program (PCP), and these benefits extend to every employee in your company.

As an example, approximately 80% of SPFA’s contractor members are small businesses. In most cases, the member discount such a company can realize from either sending a couple people to the convention, or putting a couple field-crew through certification, can make their cost of annual SPFA membership become a wash. In other words, if your annual membership is $800.00, it does not take long for you to save more than $800.00 in the discounts you get from SPFA programs.

  • The SPFA’s Sprayfoam Professional Magazine is free to you HERE. The best kind of discount, available thanks to our supportive advertisers.
  • To contact Member Services click HERE.
  • To examine the convention or PCP certification discounts, please visit either the convention registration page (only active prior to conventions) or review the Insulation or Roofing PCP Handbook price sheets available under Certification.

If you have further questions or require assistance, contact SPFA by clicking HERE.

SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.