Programs + Services

  • SPFA Certification – SPFA working with its members and partners created a new professional spray foam certification program (PCP). Consensus developed, industry led, and ANSI/ISO 17024 standards driven, this program offers multiple certification levels for both insulation and roofing professionals.
  • Technical Services – SPFA through leadership of its staff and members maintains multiple technical committees:
    • Building Envelope Committee
    • Roofing Committee
    • Safety Committee
    • Technical Oversight Committee
    • SPFA also provides opportunities to the industry to partake in technical research and development projects which substantiate current and future industry positions.
  • Convention – as the only meeting place for the entire SPF value chain, SPFA offers an annual convention highlighting the best informational break out sessions, an exhibit hall packed with product and service providers, and a celebration of the year's best projects in the Annual National Contractors Excellence Awards.
  • Member Services – SPFA's capable staff maintains the SPFA Members as our highest priority. The organization is always looking for areas of value to return to the members for the sacrifice of time and funding they make. Some of these areas include:
    • Member technical services helpline number (800-523-6154)
    • Valuable member only content on the website
    • Dramatic discounts on core elements of SPFA including professional certification and annual convention
    • Complimentary subscription to SprayFoam Professional magazine
    • Complimentary subscription to SprayFoam Pro Newswire
    • Complimentary access to a variety of technical documents
    • Opportunity to participate on any SPFA committee
    • Listing in annual Membership Directory & Buyers Guide and on the SPFA website
    • Ability to submit a project for the Annual National Contractors Excellence Awards competition
    • State and Federal Advocacy
    • Partnership development with essential industry stakeholders
  • Advocacy – SPFA engages on the members behalf in advocacy at the state and federal levels. Predominately SPFA has focused upon working with U.S. EPA and other federal agency partners on environment, and health and Safety related issues. Also at the federal level SPFA works with the U.S. DOE on issues of efficiency and performance.
    SPFA also engages form time to time as needed on state advocacy issues as they relate to spray foam products, markets, regulations, certification, licensing, and codes.


SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.