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SPFA publishes a bi-weekly (every two weeks) newsletter as a supplement to the SPFA magazine entitled Sprayfoam Professional.  The newsletter represents an opportunity for SPFA to stay in contact with its members and supporters on a regular basis, advise them of events and news arising between issues of the magazine, and serve as another voice for SPFA and the industry.

The newsletter is a free-to-you service of the publisher and is possible due to the generous support of magazine advertisers.  Specific advertising is also available within the newsletter.  For archived newsletters, information on advertising, or to sign up, see the links on this page.

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RESNET SPFA Informational Webinar - Accreditation Inspections 02 June 2011

On Thursday, 02 June 2011, SPFA hosted a live, informational webinar for RESNET HERS Raters. This webinar covered overviews of SPFA, the SPFA National Accreditation Program, qualifications and roles of inspectors in the SPF professional credentialing process, inspection highlights, and process by which HERS Raters will be able to go about becoming SPFA inspectors. All of this information was prelude to a planned live webinar training session slated for the end of July 2011. RESNET members meeting the qualifications to be an SPFA inspector, and who enroll in the SPFA program, will be able to attend this live webinar training.

The informational webinar delivered on 02 June 2011 was recorded, and a link to download the file is below. The file is somewhat large and will be pulled from a Google Docs public folder online, so it is recommended that you utilize a higher-speed connection to retrieve it. Please note that the first few minutes of the webinar were cut-off due to formatting difficulties. The missing portion covered a general SPFA overview by Kurt Riesenberg, Executive Director. That content has instead been added as one of the downloadable presentations ("RESNET Intro" below).

Additionally, the topical presentations delivered during the informational webinar are linked below for reference and download.

For those HERS Raters / RESNET members that are interested in pursuing SPFA Inspector status, your steps are as follow:

1. Download and complete the enrollment form, linked below. Note, per SPFA's arrangement with RESNET we will be offering a waived training and enrollment fee for RESNET members / HERS Raters for the remainder of 2011.

2. Send enrollment form to SPFA at either, or 703.563.9502 Fax. Also include the following information:

Employment resume relevant to the SPF or professional inspection industry.

If you have it, reference list of 3 SPF projects you have been associated with.

3. SPFA will send you an invitation for the July live training webinar. Date is in process of being determined. This session will be offered several times to accommodate those unable to initially attend.

4. Completion of the training webinar and subsequent test, along with completion of enrollment requirements will result in you being recognized and listed as an SPFA Building Envelope Inspection resource to those companies pursuing SPFA credentials.

Notably there is great interest in a program such as this for general quality assurance inspections, etc. As noted during the webinar this inspection process is currently focused upon providing the inspections needed for those contractors pursuing SPFA credentials through SPFA's national accreditation program. Further developments in the program may be possible based upon demand or input received from inspectors.

Please be advised the current version of the SPFA Inspection Package and Forms is available as reference HERE, but the requirements and process are currently being streamlined in advance of the training webinar in July.

Thank you for your support and interest in this program.

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SPFA publishes a quarterly magazine entitled Sprayfoam Professional. The focus of this publication is demonstrated in its name. The magazine celebrates the exceptional performance of SPF and the people that install it, with feature articles focused upon SPFA Annual Contractor Excellence competition winners. It offers news about SPFA and the industry, announcements, events, PCP certification information, Ask-The-Expert articles, Best-in-Class SPFA Convention presentation articles, relevant information on partnering organization activities, and a lot more.

It is one of the various voices that SPFA has and provides powerful information specifically to SPF contractors, along with other stakeholders in the industry and construction trades. It is made available to you for free based upon the generous support of advertisers. Please enjoy the publication.

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SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.