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  • Appalachian Insulation Supply, Inc.
  • 22 Black Hawk Lane
  • Elizabethtown
  • PA
  • 17022
  • United States
  • 877-944-7697
  • 800-251-1498
  • Troy Herring
  • 51702767

Appalachian Insulation Supply, Inc. is a full line master distributor of residential and commercial insulation & accessories. We are partnered with the biggest names in the insulation business and with over 600,000 square feet of combined inventory at all times, there is no order too large for us to fulfill. Combined with a sales team that together has industry experience of over 100 years, your dedicated sales representative will be able to assist you with any insulation needs quickly and efficiently.

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SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.