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Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors for making SprayFoam Convention & Expo 2013 a great success! 

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General & Break-out Session Presentations: The information provided herein is believed to be accurate and reliable, but are presented without guarantee or warranty of any kind, express or implied. User assumes all risk and liability for use of the information and results obtained. Statements or suggestions concerning possible use of materials and processes are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement, and are not recommendations to infringe any patent. The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated herein, or that other measures may or may not be required. (some are large files) 

SprayFoam 2013 Attendee Brochure

Thursday, February 14, 2013:
General Session:
What got us to first will not bring us home, B.K. Simerson
LCA Update, Rick Duncan

Session I:
Review & Update Green Building Issues & Activities, D'Lane Wisner
How to be a Home Performance Contractor, Wally Conway
Inspecting Roofing Applications, Phil Robarge
The Need for Ventilation and Moisture Control for Spray Foam/Tight Homes, Nikki Krueger
Small Business Guidance: Insurance, Legal Considerations, and Managing Your Risks, Bob Weil
Safe Workplace Practices and Developing a Communications Toolkit, Carol Hetfield

Session II: 
SPFA Certification Update, Bonnie Strickler and Kelly Marcavage
Manufacturers Supporting Spray Foam Contracting Community, Richard Wood and Bill Robert
Roof Coating Manufacturer's Association (RCMA), Jeff Blank
Systematic Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofit of Three Case Study Homes in Cold Climate, Gary Parsons
Inspecting Spray Foam Insulation, Mason Knowles
Structuring for Profit and Growth, Mac Sheldon

Friday, February 15, 2013:
General Session:
Global Spray Foam Market Review 2012, Angela Austin

Session I:
Spray Foam and Recessed Light Fixtures - Recent Test Results from a NEMA/SPFA Study, Steve Loftis
Concrete Repair with Your Polyurethane Equipment, Paul Delfino
The Roofs Roll in Zero Energy Buildings, Jared Blum
Legislative Update, Craig Brightup
Health and Safety - Contractor Program, Denny Vandewater

Session II: 
Effective Ventilation of a Residential Home Sprayed with High Pressure Polyurethane Foam, Bill Robert and Jim Andersen
Spray Foam for Unvented Attics, Rick Duncan
Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (CEIR) Update, Jim Kirby and Craig Silvertooth
Potential Health Effects Related to Spray PU Foam Application - How to Stay Healthy, Carrie Redlich (coming soon)
FTC Green Guidelines & R-Value Marketing, Monica Karamagi
The HERS Index Score - The "MPG" of the Housing Market, Steve Baden

Congratulations to all our Contractor Awards Nominees and Winners!  
Category - Commercial Wall
Runner-up: Spray-Tec Inc. for Bluegrass Community and Technical College Newtown Pike Campus
Winner: Arizona Foam & Spray for Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Category - Residential Wall
Runner-Up: Smart Choice Insulation & Roofing Inc. for The Flour Tower
Winner: Southwest Spray Foam LLC for Television Personality Steve Thomas

Category - Roof Foam > 40,000 sq. ft. 
Runner-up: Honeywell Building Envelope Solutions for 206,000 sq.ft. Re-Roofing over BUR
Winner: West Roofing for Bouldevard Terrace & Neal Terrace Apartments

Category - Roof Foam < 40,000 sq. ft.
Runner-up: West Roofing for PlayhouseSquare 14th Street Theatre Roof Reconstruction
Winner: Biofoam for Fermilab

Category - Specialty Applications
Runner-up: J. Calman Industries for Coastal Progress - Marine Vessel
Winner: Insulate SB, Inc. for The Book House

SPFA would like to thank our sponsors. It is due to their commitment and leadership that SPFA is able to deliver such a great convention experience to our attendees. 

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