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General & Break-out Session Presentations: The information provided herein are believed to be accurate and reliable, but are presented without guarantee or  warranty of any kind, express or implied.  User assumes all risk and liability for use of the information and results obtained.  Statements or suggestions concerning possible use of materials and processes are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement, and are not recommendations to infringe any patent.  The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated herein, or that other measures may or may not be required. (some are large files)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
General Session:
SPF Economic Report, Angela Austin (Full paper available for purchase)
Federal Agency Reports: EPA, NIOSH, CPI, SPFA

Session I:
Drum Handling & Disposal for SPF, Bill Robert
RESNET - Overview, Steve Baden & Sean Zobaa
Thermal Imaging - How to use it to your advantage, Todd Faulkner

Session II:
SPF & Respirator Protection Programs, Sylvain Lefebvre
Building Codes & the SPF Professional, Mac Sheldon
NRCA, Jim Kirby

Thursday, February 10, 2011
General Session:
SPFA Committee & Activity Report

Session I:
Weatherization & Retrofits, Mac Sheldon (large file)
California Energy Commission & SPF, Roger Morrison
SPFA Accreditation & Credentialing Program, Denny Vandewater and Bonnie Strickler

Session II:
SPF Safety Roundup, Mary Bogdan; SPF Safety Roundup, Monica Karamagi
JobPro, Robin Reavis
Legislative Update - Now What?, Craig Brightup
Emerging Opportunities for Spray Foam, Len Anastasi

Congratulations to all our Contractor Awards Nominees and Winners
Category - Commercial Wall
Energy Shield Inc. for New Milkovich Middle School
Winner: Carolina Comfort Foam (AESS Division) for BRAC 133 WHS

Category - Residential Wall
Runner-up: Standard Insulating Co. Inc. for EnergyStar New Home
Winner:  Elite Insulation & PolyPro LLC for Hawthorne Estate

Category - Roof Foam > 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Runner-up: FoamCoat Roofing & Coatings for Maryland Transit Authority
Winner:  Dodge Foam & Coatings, Inc. for Grand Coulee Dam

Category - Roof Foam < 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Runner-up: Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc. for NYSTA Angola Service Area
Winner:  West Roofing Systems, Inc. for Great Lakes Brewing Co. Elton Building Renovation & Solar Hot Water System

Category - Tanks and Vessels
Runner-up: InsulRight for Fairview Swiss Cheese Tank
Winner: Sadler Coating Systems for Ag Processing, Inc. Conditioner Tank

Category - Unique Application
Runner-up: Standard Insulation Co. for Porta John Retrofit
Winner:  FoamRun for Fitchburg Senior Center O'Neill Hall Roof Insulation

SPFA would like to thank our sponsors  It is due to their commitment and leadership that SPFA is able to deliver such a great conference experience for our attendees.

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