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Thanks to each attendee, member, speaker, exhibitor, and, of course our sponsors for making the event possible.

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Break-out Session Presentations: (some are large files)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Session I:
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Part 1, Rick Duncan (Sponsored by Corbond)
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Part 2, Jim Lambach (Sponsored by Corbond)
Findings Report-SPF/cPVC Industry Study, Mary Bogdan
Attic & Crawlspace Fire Testing Protocol, Mac Sheldon

Session II:
Vapor Retarders/Vapor Barriers, Roger Morrison
Air Barrier Testing Project (ABAA), Laverne Dalgleish

Session III:
Quality Control in Roofing Applications, Roger Lock
Quality Control in Insulation Applications, Lyle Orth
Building Codes Update, Cosimina Panetti

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Session I:
ICC Code Reporting, Mason Knowles
NRCA Update/PCCRS, Jim Kirby
Foam Blisters, Lyle Orth

Session II:
Understanding R-Values, Andre Dejarlais
The Sustainable Roof System-SPF & High Performance Coatings, Jim Leonard (sponsored by Foam Supplies Inc.)
SPF Equipment, John Tate

Congratulations to all our Contractor Awards Nominees and Winners
Category - Commercial Wall
Runner-up: Energy Shield, Inc. for M-DOT
Winner: Standard Insulating Co. Inc. for New Barracks BCT Phase 2, FT Drum Military Base

Category - Residential Wall
Runner-up: Houlden Contracting Inc. for Ryan Lieske Interior Insulation
Winner: Innovative Insulation Solutions, Ltd. for The Yannell Zero Net Energy Home

Category - Roof Foam > 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Runner-up: Foam King Industries for Grove Isle Condo Roofs
Winner: Puff Inc. for Electronic Manufacturing Plant

Category - Roof Foam < 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Runner-up: Houlden Contracting Inc. for Hitchcock County Elementary School
Winner: West Roofing Systems, Inc. for Baker Electric Motor Car Building

Category - Tanks and Vessels
Runner-up: Sierra Spray Foam Inc. for Wine Group Tanks
Winner: Hydro Seal Construction Co., Inc. for Water Quality Control Plant

Category - Other
Runner-up: Acoustical Spray Insulators, Inc. for Luther Crest Community Center
Winner: RIBCO, Inc. for Erie County Water Authority, WWTP  

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