SPFA PCP Mission & Vision Statements

Mission: To deliver and operate a focused, consistent and attentive, world-class professional sprayfoam certification program. Continuously raising, establishing, and raising again the bar on safety, performance, quality and professionalism among SPF industry professionals. For the benefit of their businesses, personal safety, safety and satisfaction among customers, and to create the most solid of foundations for future growth, personal and industry distinction.

Vision: That the SPFA Professional Certification Program is the most rigorous, extensive and defining program for the SPF professionals in the world. That it be consistent with all industry standards, best practices and known building science, and accessible and affordable among our intended constituency. That it be the measure of personal and professional accomplishment in the industry, and a demonstration among professionals of the essential knowledge, skills and abilities inherent among the highest class of sprayfoam professional.

SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.