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  • Unicus Spray Systems, LLC
  • 8648 W. Kaul Avenue
  • Milwaukee
  • WI
  • 53225
  • United States
  • 414-353-5250
  • 414-353-5345
  • G. Dason Schultz
  • 51703223

Unicus Spray Systems, LLC will replace PSI Pumping Systems as your spray system supplier.  Unicus will combine the innovation and technical expertise of PSI with the industry experience, working knowledge and resources of Thermal Comfort, Inc, a successful Wisconsin spray foam insulation contractor.  For years, PSI and Thermal Comfort have worked side by side in the same facility in Milwaukee to produce the most practical, yet innovative spray foam and drywall texturing equipment on the market today. It only made sense to join forces and form Unicus Spray SystemsUnicus will combine over 50 years of spray experience and the skills of engineers, craftsmen and experienced industry personnel to take the unique systems that PSI had been providing to the next level.

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