LIFTThe sprayed polyurethane foam resulting from tying together the perimeter of adjacent passes of foam in a specific area, as shown in Figure A below.  A lift is defined by its thickness. Multiple lifts over the same area may be needed to achieve the final foam thickness.  For example, a one inch lift of foam can be installed over a 20 x 20 ft area, and then a second lift of foam 1.5 inch thick can be installed to the same area to create a final installed thickness of 2.5 inches.  For small areas, such as between framing members, a lift of foam is synonymous with a pass of foam per Figure B below.

Lift 1
LIFT FIGURE A:  Lift definition for low-slope roofing

Lift 2
LIFT FIGURE B: Lift and pass are synonymous for SPF insulation applications

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