Supplier Company Accreditation

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The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) is pleased to announce the launch of the SPFA PCP Supplier Company Accreditation at the Spray Foam 2014 Convention.

By definition, an SPFA PCP Accredited Suppler is a Company that has met criteria of the certification scheme for Accreditation. A Supplier is any company who provides materials, equipment or services to the SPF industry.

The SPF Supplier Company Accreditation Handbook outlines the criteria in detail. Here is a recap:

  1. Supplier offered Training Programs for Contractors
  2. Supplier Personnel Requirements
    1. Certified Supplier Representative(s)
    2. Liaison
    3. Written Examiner(s)
    4. Field Examiner(s)
  3. Best Practices/Risk Management Program Verification
  4. Supplier offered Written Exam(s) and Field Exam(s)

Companies which operate using good business practices can easily meet most of this criteria and just need to have the appropriate personnel become SPFA PCP Certified and develop a program to offer SPFA PCP Written and Field exams to meet the other criteria.

Please carefully review the Company Personnel section in the Handbook to help you know which and how many of your personnel need to be SPFA PCP Certified individuals to meet this criteria.

Click Here to View and Download Supplier Company Accreditation Handbook

 Documents to complete the SPFA PCP Supplier Company Accreditation