SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP) Insulation

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To become certified in the SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP), you must pass the exam(s) and meet the requirements for the level of Certification you would like to achieve. It is a progressive program with each level based on the mastery of the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) for the level of Certification you are seeking as well as the applicable KSAs for all lower levels.  In other words, EVERYONE must demonstrate they have the knowledge areas required for an SPF Assistant. If your ultimate goal is to be a Certified SPF Project Manager, you must pass the exam(s) which cover the criteria for the Assistant, Installer, Master Installer, and Project Manager.  To meet this testing requirement, you may take the Combined SPF Project Manager Written Exam which is a four (4) part test, or you may take the single exams for the four different levels.

In addition to passing the exam(s), you must fulfill the requirements for the level of certification you wish to achieve. The requirements for each level are described in the SPFA PCP Certification Handbooks (See link below for SPF Insulation Certification Handbook).


Click here for the SPFA PCP Certification Handbook for Insulation.

Documents to complete each level of certification for the SPFA PCP for Insulation:

SPFA PCP Assistant Certification 
SPFA PCP Installer Certification
SPFA PCP Master Installer Certification
SPFA PCP Project Manager Certification

For Pricing Information on the PCP, click here.

To find upcoming testing dates, locations, or partner-offered exam prep courses, please check the SPFA Events Calendar


  1. Determine which certification you want to pursue - Roofing or Insulation.
  2. Fill out and return SPFA Certification Program Registration Form and order form with one-time fee.  
  3. Sign and return the SPFA Professional Certification Program Certification Agreement.
  4. Fill out the Experience Declaration Project List (for Installer, Master Installer, and Project Management levels).
  5. Submit a digital color photo of yourself for your Certification ID card.

Choose the Level of Certification you wish to pursue (Assistant, Installer, Master Installer, or Project Manager) and click on the links below for details.

SPF Assistant: This certification is the first level for BOTH Insulation AND Roofing. Start here.
The SPF Assistant certification is specifically designed for individuals involved in the assistance of the installation of spray polyurethane foam in thermal insulation or roofing installations. SPF Assistants duties may include assisting in equipment and job set-up, substrate preparation, material handling and staging, moving of hoses/scaffolding/ladders, masking, trimming, clean-up and other non-spraying tasks. Click here for SPF Assistant Checklist.

SPF Installer:
This certification is specifically designed for individuals with limited experience in the installation of spray polyurethane foam. It is effectively similar to an apprentice level. The SPF Installer has some experience in spraying foam with the guidance of a more experienced Master Installer or Project Manager. The SPF Installer typically does not have the skills and abilities to install on his/her own. This person ideally needs to be supervised by a skilled Master Installer or Project Manager. The SPF Installers duties may include spraying SPF in different applications as well as equipment set-up/start-up/shut down. Click here for SPF Installer Checklist.

SPF Master Installer (Advanced Level):
This certification is specifically designed for individuals experienced in the installation of SPF. The SPF Master Installer has extensive experience spraying SPF in various applications, and has demonstrated competence in SPF applications through a field examination. The SPF Master Installers duties may include all aspects of the installation of the SPF as well as equipment function/maintenance/repair, and an understanding of other systems as well as the proper installation of protective coatings. Click here for SPF Master Installer Checklist

SPF Project Manager:
This certification is specifically designed for individuals involved in all aspects of the installation and project management of SPF. The SPF Project Manager has extensive Knowledge and Skills in all aspects of SPF in various installations. The SPF Project Manager's duties may include managing all aspects of the project and installation of the SPF, as well as knowledge and skills in building science/design, material selection/estimating, and codes and standards compliance. Click here for the SPF Project Manager Checklist.

For more information or to register for PCP please contact SPFA PCP at admin@spfapcp.org or 1-866-222-5000.


 ACC CPI Chemical Health and Safety Course (Free)

We encourage all SPF professionals to take the FREE ONLINE Chemical Health and Safety Course developed by the American Chemistry Council's Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (ACC CPI).  Click here for CPI Course.  This is mandatory for any company seeking SPFA PCP Company Accreditation.

 SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Webinar (Registration Fee)

The SPFA PCP offers the SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course in English and Spanish which is a six (6) hour webinar.  The student has three (3) months/90 days to access this online course so they can learn at their own pace.  The cost is $350 for Non-SPFA Members and $250 for the SPFA Member discounted rate.  Click here to register for this online course.

Please note that this course is not mandatory to take nor does it certify a person as an Assistant, but it does help prepare you for the SPF Assistant Examination and it provides important information on the fundamental and important aspects of working with SPF.  To become an Assistant with the SPFA PCP please refer to the SPF Assistant Checklist as well as the PCP Certification Handbooks.

 SPF Exam Preparatory Study Guides ($50)

Another exam prep aid we offer is the digital study guide.  These can be purchased for $50 per level, i.e., assistant, installer, master installer, or project manager, by completing the attached Order Form and submitting to the SPFA office.  An SPF experienced candidate can self-study using the SPFA PCP Study Guides and when ready they can fill out the Order Form to pay for the online exams and take online.

SPFA Members benefit from significant discounts on the Professional Certification Program.  For additional information regarding becoming an SPFA Member and it's benefits, please click here.  

SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.