SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP)

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Individual Certifications

SPFA Professional Certification for Insulation

SPFA Professional Certification for Roofing

SPFA Professional Certification for Field Examiner

Documents to complete each certification level:
Click on your level to download zip file:

Individual Documents for Download:

F-222-002 SPFA PCP Certification Registration Form
F-222-003 SPFA PCP Order Form
F-222-004 SPFA PCP Insulation Experience Declaration Form
F-222-007 SPFA PCP Master Installer Checklist
F-222-008 SPFA PCP Installer Checklist
F-222-009 SPFA PCP Assistant Checklist
F-222-010 SPFA PCP Project Manager Checklist
F-222-032 SPFA PCP Accredited Company Liaison Checklist
F-222-033 SPFA PCP Company Accreditation Agreement
F-222-035 SPFA PCP Contractor Company Accreditation Experience Declaration Forms
F-222-036 SPFA PCP Contractor Company Accreditation Fee & Costs Order Form
F-222-037 SPFA PCP Contractor Company Accreditation Registration Form
F-222-038 SPFA PCP Contractor Company Checklist
F-222-040 SPFA PCP Supplier Company Accreditation Checklist Form
F-222-044 SPFA PCP Field Examiner Availability
F-222-045 SPFA PCP Supplier Representative Checklist Form
F-222-046 SPFA PCP Field Examiner Pre-Qualifications
F-222-047 SPFA PCP Field Examiner Checklist
F-222-048 SPFA PCP Roofing Experience Declaration Form
F-222-052 SPFA Certification Agreement
F-222-052 SPFA Certification Agreement SPANISH

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SPFA PCP Mission Statement

SPFA PCP Vision Statement

Sprayfoam Coalition Certification Infographic

The SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP) is the only one of its kind for the professional SPF industry.  It is international ISO-17024 standard compliant, an enormous accomplishment that brings rigorousness, credibility and comprehensiveness to the program.  It is industry consensus-developed, and the result of almost two years of preparation.  This professional certification replaces the SPFA Sprayfoam Accreditation program of old.  The PCP has a variety of categories and levels to accommodate the diversity of the SPF workplace.  The core of the program is focused upon the professional contractor and provides for two tracks – insulation and roofing.  Within both tracks are four levels: Assistant, Installer, Master Installer, and Project Manager.  Each level requires passage of an extensive exam before the candidate can move on to a higher level of certification.  The Master Installer level also requires the candidate to pass a Field Exam, an over-the-shoulder practicum that emulates the SPF spraying experience from start-up to shut-down.  Additionally, each level has a variety of secondary but mandatory requirements that must be met to achieve certification for the level, such as the CPI online Health and Safety training for Assistants, OSHA 10 and 30 Hours cards for higher levels, declarations of experience and other elements.  The requirements for certification at each level are available in convenient checklist format within the Insulation and Roofing PCP handbooks available on this website..

The various committees that were tasked with developing the program approached it with the following core principles: 1. Make it comprehensive, demanding and thorough. 2. Make it accessible and affordable 3. Make it consistent with the best practices in industry, and 4. Make it compliant with demanding appropriate internationally recognized and independent standards.  Done.

As part of the ISO-17024 process, a complete Job Task Analysis (JTA) was performed to identify and correctly place each major task an SPF professional would conduct in the field.  From that, a Knowledge, Skill, and/or Ability (KSA) was established for each JTA, and from the KSAs appropriate Learning Objectives (LO) were established which were utilized to populate the exam preparatory curriculum and the test questions.  The curriculum and related materials were reviewed independently outside the organization, including by representatives of EPA and OSHA, adding to their completeness.  Why does SPFA think it matters enough to put this process information here?  Because there is no higher standard for a certification program to pursue, the commitment to compliance with the process resulted in a world-class program that the members and industry are very proud of, and the customer can have confidence in.

In conjunction with the ISO-17024 (2012 / 4.3.1) standard, SPFA acknowledges and understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflicts of interest, and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities.

Contractors, manufacturers, distributors and systems houses within SPFA came together to assist in development and deployment of the PCP.  While each of these companies typically have their own training programs, the majority have incorporated SPFA PCP into their programs, making certain their training covers the Learning Objectives of the PCP.  With approval, any training program can utilize SPFA PCP materials with the intention of preparing the candidate - the professional contractor - for the PCP exams.  SPFA issues the exams upon request to an approved, recognized Written Examiner (Proctor), the tests are completed, sent back to SPFA, graded, and upon passage and completion of other level requirements, the candidate receives their certification along with a wallet card and certificate.  Each certification is valid for five years with annual renewal, and a recertification exam is required after five years to retain certification.

PCP exams are also available online, but certain requirements must be met for remote monitoring of the exam to assure identity of the tester, and to conform to ISO-17024 procedures.  The tests are available in Spanish from Assistant to Master Installer levels, in-person and also online.

Achieving SPFA PCP Certified status means that the contractor has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities established by industry and SPFA to be deemed proficient at the respective level.  A contractor will have had to embrace the process, requirements, testing and related obligations, as well as the cost of certification, to be called SPFA PCP Certified.  This demonstrates a commitment and dedication to the industry and their craft, and allows for the contractor to differentiate themselves and their services from uncertified competition.

There is much more to the program.  You are invited to visit the various pages and documents on this website to better inform yourself and understand PCP certification.

For more information or to register for PCP please contact SPFA PCP at admin@spfapcp.org or 1-866-222-5000.

SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.