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What it says to be an SPFA member

  • My company believes in leading from the front and has the big picture of SPF.
  • My company actively supports industry wide product stewardship, research and development, safety, and quality initiatives through our funds and effort.
  • My company is committed to staying on the front lines of issues and staying up to date on the latest industry information.
  • My company wants to bring the expertise of the industry to each of our customers and do the best job to earn more and repeat/referral business.
  • My company isn't just here today. It will be here tomorrow because we are committed to industry excellence.
  • My company is connected to the national network of manufacturers, contractors, and other professionals affiliated with the SPF industry. The world of SPF is within my reach.

Access to Discounts and Information

  • Member LOGO no number2 SPFA member's only logo with embedded Member number. Use this unique-to-you logo to show your pride in membership and differentiate yourself from non-member companies. Many companies post the basic SPFA logo on their website misrepresenting themselves as members. We created this logo specifically for you as a member to use with distinction.
  • Prof Cert Program LOGO ls 110x109Discounts on the SPFA Professional Certification Program (SPFA PCP). For a majority of our contractor members, it is possible to have your savings on PCP resulting from your membership cover the cost of your annual membership. An example is provided here.
  • Discounted access to the SPFA annual convention activities.
  • Free subscription to SprayFoam Professional magazine and SprayFoam Pro Newswire.
  • Member's only website where you get access to Tech Tips, Technical Documents, SPF presentations, etc.
  • Listing of your company in the annual printed SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers Guide, as well as listing in the SPFA Online Member Directory.
  • Access to a professional network of SPF professionals and association staff that can assist in addressing technical or other challenges.
  • Discounts on industry services through SPFA (Click here for more information).
  • Membership fees are tax deductible. (check with tax accountant and appropriate state laws for deductible status).

Influence through participation on SPFA industry committees

  • Know what's going on in the industry.
  • Influence the direction of programs and positions with your expertise.
  • A place to legally discuss pressing industry issues with peers and competitors.
  • Benefits extend to all employees.

If you are ready to join and bring the benefits of membership to yourself and your company, along with helping the SPFA represent your interests as a sprayfoam professional, act now. Membership is on a calendar year-to-year basis.

For more information contact
Kelly Marcavage
800-523-6154    (fax) 703-222-5816

Membership Applications & Related Documents

SPFA believes that the path to a healthful, safe, high-quality and performing SPF installation travels through the hands of a knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and ideally PCP-certified professional contractor.